The herb that helps burn fat and lose weight naturally

Losing weight is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is also a health issue. Bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, which are associated with increased cardiovascular risk, have become the main enemies of healthy weight and physical well-being.

Fighting accumulated fat is not an easy task. In fact, it takes a lot of effort, dedication and persistence to be able to completely eliminate it, but the truth is that maintaining a healthy weight is key to health. If a person is too thin, overweight or obese, he may be at greater risk of certain problems in his body.

Maintaining a good weight can help control conditions such as cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and some cancers, indicates the medical library MedlinePlus.

Eating too much or not doing enough physical activity are the main reasons why people gain weight, says the specialized portal Healthline. To stay at a healthy level, the calories a person eats must equal the energy they consume, so the ideal is to eat fewer calories than the body requires to carry out its daily functions.

Thus, the best formula to achieve this goal is to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Additionally, this can be accompanied by the consumption of some natural products that are attributed benefits for burning fat.

One of the possible homemade aids is the intake of guarana. It is a lipolytic plant and has antioxidant, antiseptic and fat cell reducing properties. According to information from the Hogarmanía portal, guarana contains 4% caffeine, responsible for its activity as a stimulant and lipolytic.

According to specialists, the caffeine in guarana is healthy because it is accompanied by tannins, starch and albumin, which cause this component to be released little by little and act slowly in the body, so if it is taken in the adequate doses its effects to lose weight can be very positive, without generating health effects.

Caffeine gives this plant the ability to stimulate the nervous and cardiac systems, in addition to metabolism, which causes the latter to be faster and body fat to burn in less time.

Guarana also improves the digestion process, accelerating it and improving the assimilation of those foods that have been consumed. This allows, on the one hand, to improve the functioning of the digestive system of fats and, on the other, to ingest fewer calories, contributing to the purpose of losing weight.

In addition, according to the Tua Saúde wellness and health portal, it has an appetite-reducing effect, suppressing the desire to eat between meals, which is ideal in a diet aimed at losing weight.

Side effects

The recommendation is not to consume this product in excess due to the amount of caffeine it contains, which can cause symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, mood swings, tremors, loss of appetite, muscle tension and heart palpitations.

When this occurs, the ideal is to suspend consumption and in any case consult a specialist in order to avoid possible health complications.

Guarana can be consumed in various ways, according to the Nutrition and Pharmacy portal, from Spain. For example, in capsules. This type of presentation allows you to have an adequate dose and attack some type of specific condition. However, care must be taken not to take more capsules than recommended.

It is also found in a nutritional supplement, which can provide the dose of guarana that the person requires to maintain an ideal weight. It also reduces tiredness.

Another way to ingest this plant is in tea or infusion, which is done more frequently in the Amazon and the countries where this plant is produced, where it is also common to consume the fruit. To make tea, the leaves are used.

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