The Honor Tablet V8 Pro’s six first releases have been assembled and the final veil will be unveiled at the press conference on December

Source Title: Honor Tablet V8 Pro Six First Releases Completed, Dec. 26 Press Conference Unveils the Final Veil

On December 23, Honor released the poster of the Honor Super Notebook Tablet. So far, the six major releases of the Honor Tablet V8 Pro have been assembled, and we invite everyone to pay attention to the Honor full-scene new product launch conference on December 26, and see what the Honor Tablet V8 Pro brings. Productivity revolution. As the press conference approaches, the new Honor Tablet V8 Pro is just waiting to be unveiled.

As can be seen from the official announcement poster, the Honor Super Notes of the Honor Tablet V8 Pro can play videos while using a stylus to extract Honor Notes video. On the eve of the Qatar World Cup finals, the famous football commentator Huang Jianxiang used the Honor Note function of the Honor Tablet V8 Pro to conduct pre-match analysis. While watching the video, he used the small window to take notes, and he could also capture the video screen and insert it into the note with one key, which greatly improved the work efficiency. promote.

Not only that, as the first tablet product equipped with MagicOS 7.0, the Honor Tablet V8 Pro is equipped with a wealth of productivity accessories, bringing a more complete and powerful cross-device experience. The perfect combination of keyboard and mouse sharing and system-level functions such as Honor Notes will bring users a lightweight and convenient tablet productivity experience upgrade.

An excellent software experience is inseparable from the support of powerful hardware. The Honor Tablet V8 Pro applies Dimensity 8100 to the tablet for the first time. This MediaTek super chip with 5nm advanced process technology and 8-core architecture will provide strong performance support for tablet productivity. At the same time, the powerful activation of the Dimensity 8100’s potential by using the Honor Turbo X system engine can bring about the extraordinary performance of “same chip, better experience”.

In terms of audio-visual experience, the Honor Tablet V8 Pro officially announced on December 22 that it has become the world’s first tablet certified by IMAX Enhanced, which also means that consumers can continue the iconic stunning picture quality, excellent sound quality and Large-format audio-visual entertainment projects. To this end, the Honor Tablet V8 Pro has been commissioned and passed the IMAX Enhanced strict standard certification, allowing users to enjoy the IMAX audio-visual feast without leaving home.

The Honor Tablet V8 Pro is also the first tablet product equipped with a 2.5K natural light eye protection screen, and the world’s first tablet product that supports a 144Hz adaptive high-refresh screen. By simulating the rhythm of natural light, it can bring a brightness curve that is more comfortable for the eyes, and the 144Hz adaptive high-brush screen can bring a smoother picture performance. Through the double polishing of the screen display technology, all-round care for the eyes healthy.

On the whole, Honor Tablet V8 Pro’s six first releases have achieved a high level of attention from hardware to software, and have comprehensively upgraded visual experience, audio-visual experience, learning and office experience, and performance experience. The “revolutionary gene” of the Honor Tablet V series in terms of productivity can be called the “King of Efficiency” in tablet productivity. On December 26, the Honor Tablet V8 Pro will be officially unveiled at the full-scene new product launch conference. Interested friends must not miss the moment of witnessing surprises.

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