The Hotel of the Famous: Lissa Vera gave an object to Chanchi Estévez before leaving

Lissa Vera y Chanchi Estevez had an emotional farewell The Hotel of the Famous.

Everything happened when the time came for the re-entered former participants who could not overcome the playoffs to leave the reality show.

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It was then that the singer approached the former soccer player, took out the rosary he was wearing and put it on him.

The singer left a rosary to the former soccer player before leaving the reality show. (Photo: eltrece)

“Don’t give me this, it’s yours”asked the Chanchi.

Lissa Vera left a gift for Chanchi Estévez before leaving the Hotel

“I love you”the singer told him.

“I love you too, but don’t give me this, it’s yours”Chanchi replied.

“I have others. Take care of him. Give it to me when you leave”insisted the former Bandana.

“Thank you very much. When I get out I’ll give it to you, take care of yourself, I love you “closed Chanchi.

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