The house where thousands of Quixotes live

Updated:22/11/2020 17:12h


Of the almost one hundred thousand words that the dictionary collects, only one is intended to describe the material madness that a very specific writer generates among his faithful: cervantophile. In its definition it can be read: «1. Devotee of Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish writer. 2. A fan of collecting editions of the works of Miguel de Cervantes ». The voice has been there since 1925, although the reality it indicates has existed, at least, since the mid-nineteenth century. No other author has that honor. Voucher.

This is one way of looking at it. Very concise, very academic, very cold.

The other is to cross the threshold of Justo and Carmen’s house and run face-to-face with the hidalgo himself drawn by Miguel Rep in his


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