The humiliation of Joachim Löw (

For Manuel Neuer (left), the evening in Seville was one of the bitterest of his career. After the 0: 6 against the Spaniards, there is discussion about other personal details at the DFB.

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Everything that Joachim Löw has ever said can and will now be used against him. The first judges have already judged. “This match will put an end to Löw’s long reign,” read the Italian daily “Gazzetta dello Sport“. The sports paper “Marca” suspects the same in Spain: “It could have been Löw’s last game as national coach.” An unbiased look from outside can be helpful, but from there it can also be criticized with an easier hand. Nevertheless, the discussion will also assume similar proportions in Germany – because the dimension of humiliation on Tuesday evening in Seville was historic. 0: 6 against Spain, the biggest defeat of a DFB selection in 89 years.

The current event should be at the beginning of the processing. “We’re where we wanted to be,” said the national coach, referring to the table lead before the last group game in the Nations League. A clear misjudgment. The defense was consistently a big problem in this international match year – salvation like in the 3: 3 draws against Switzerland and Turkey or in narrow victories against the Czech Republic and Ukraine had only ever brought the well-manned offensive. After the game in Seville, Löw said: “Nothing worked.” An error-free analysis.

The DFB team lacks structure and a suitable system. The Spaniards were able to uncover these fundamental problems because – unlike the previous opponents – they acted offensively and defensively at a high level: In addition to six goals of their own and further chances, they only allowed one shot on goal. Even Löw’s mantra-wise protective assertion that his team was on the right path after the rebuilding could be refuted by the opponent. The Spanish coach Luis Enrique is currently working on a new Selección himself. And with the 20-year-old three-time goalscorer Ferrán Torres or the strong 24-year-old center player Rodrigo, he doesn’t necessarily have more talent or experience in the squad than Löw with Leroy Sané, Serge Gnabry or Leon Goretzka from the triple winner Bayern Munich.

In the social networks, the eternal discussion about the squad was intensely continued during the game. After the final whistle, the calls for Mats Hummels, Jérôme Boateng and Thomas Müller, who had been sorted out by Löw, became even louder. The national coach could now take it easy and give in. This might even defuse the debate about himself. However, it would not be good.

Hummels gives the young Dortmunders more security, but he could not refute the constant criticism of the lack of mentality. And in top games like recently against FC Bayern, he is no longer the sovereign of past years. Boateng works part-time in the Munich star ensemble, he has not been a leading player for a long time. No place should be sacrificed for Müller in the well-filled offensive.

Löw shouldn’t be unfaithful to himself. However, every good trainer adapts the system and philosophy to the existing staff. The injured Joshua Kimmich promises help in finding defensive stability and leadership. Even newcomer Robin Koch has what it takes, some of Löw’s favorite players like Matthias Ginter do not. The DFB faced Löw in a hurry on Wednesday. In order to get a long-term chance for change, however, he has to give up his self-importance. Sentences like this that he is “in the 15th year of office meanwhile above things” make the debacle of Seville a personal humiliation – and provide the material for a final judgment.

Nations League – the last game day

Group A3

Croatia – Portugal 2: 3 (1: 0)

France – Sweden 4: 2 (2: 1)

1. France 6 12: 5 16

2. Portugal 6 12:4 13

3rd Croatia 6 9:16 3

4. Sweden 6 5:13 3

Group A4

Spain – Germany 6: 0 (3: 0)

Switzerland – Ukraine canceled

1st Spain 6 13: 3 11

2. Germany 6 10:13 9

3. Ukraine 5 5:10 6

4. Switzerland 5 6: 8 3

Group C1

Luxembourg 0-0 Azerbaijan

Montenegro – Cyprus 4: 0 (3: 0)

1. Montenegro 6 10:2 13

2. Luxembourg 6 7: 5 10

3. Azerbaijan 6 2: 4 6

4. Cyprus 6 2:10 4

Group D1

Andorra – Latvia 0: 5 (0: 1)

Malta – Faroe Islands 1: 1 (0: 0)

1 Faroe Islands 6 9: 5 12

2. Malta 6 8:6 9

3. Latvia 6 8: 4 7

4. Andorra 6 1:11 2

Group D2

Gibraltar – Liechtenstein 1: 1 (1: 1)

1. Gibraltar 4 3:1 8

2. Liechtenstein 4 3:2 5

3. San Marino 4 0: 3 2


The group winners of leagues B, C and D each move up to the higher league. After the first games of the last matchday on Tuesday evening, Montenegro, the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar have been promoted.

The bottom of the group in leagues A and B, like Sweden since Tuesday evening, as well as two last in league C determined in playoffs, are relegated.

The four group winners in League A will play the overall winner in a final round in October 2021.


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