The Hunt for Sia Pang Nanode: Trang Province Detective Team’s Mission Near Ton Tok Waterfall

2023-11-16 13:49:00


16 Nov. 2023 8:49 p.m.

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Trang Province Detective Team Gather a team to hunt down “Sia Pang Nanode” near Ton Tok Waterfall. But there’s still no sign. The officers had to walk through waist-high and choppy water. But there was heavy rain for several hours. Flash floods flow again and again. which hinders the work of the police

At 2:00 p.m. on November 16, 2023, reporters reported that At Ton Tok Waterfall, Village No. 2, Palian Subdistrict, Palian District, Trang Province, which is the way up to Ban Tra community. and went up to the Banthat Fang mountain range in Trang Province on a mission to track down “Sia Pang Nanode” or Mr. Chaowalit Thongduang, a convicted felon who escaped from the hospital on 22 Oct. 2023. Came by police officers from the Provincial Health Office, Trang Province, along with police officers from Huai Yot Police Station, Trang Province, under the direction of Pol. Col. Rattakorn Phakdeewanich, Ph.D. Twenty members of the Trang Provincial Public Health Office traveled up to carry out their mission by driving motorcycles up amidst the most difficult roads. together with the rain that fell heavily and continuously This makes it necessary for officials to wear raincoats. This force was divided into 2 sets, the first set was stationed in the Khana Nai Phrik area. which is above the Ban Tra community and close to the point of collision and another set of strength Will patrol the foothills of the highest point on foot. Because it is an area that “Sia Paeng” may use to escape.

Meanwhile, another police force continued on foot to chase and pursue the Ban Rao Pla route. This is the route that will head down from the Banthat mountain range to the shores of Manang and Thung Wa districts, Satun province, and the area on the Banthat mountain range. Officials continue to practice Even though the rain is falling heavily The water level is violent and rising does not cause any discouragement. Officers continued to wade through waist-high waters on patrol. along with transporting supplies and living things to support the police team who were watching earlier

As for the obstacles in the work of officials today, they are The rain has been falling continuously since last morning. After heavy rain falling for more than 6 hours, it resulted in flash floods flowing down to Ton Tok Waterfall. and mountain areas It was evident that the water coming down was murky. has a high level and more violent than before But it is not a problem that will result in the officers being unable to perform their duties. Able to go up and perform normal tracking and hunting duties. But there are more obstacles than before.

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