The Impact of Government Policies on Business and Trade: A Critical Analysis

2023-08-07 04:00:00

“The tax imposed on IT giants will hurt trade.”

“Law 96 on the protection of French will harm the smooth running of business.”

“Law 21 on secularism will harm the job market.”

“The return of the sovereignty debate will hurt the search for investments.”

Couso, if the States can no longer legislate on anything, why are we still organizing elections?

Let’s appoint business people to head our governments, let’s remove all the irritants that can exasperate corporations, let’s transform all our ministries into branches of the SupraMinistry of the Economy, let’s replace our civil servants with private consulting firms, let the business community dictate immigration policies and allow multinationals to act as they please and do as they please!

Why do we still pretend to believe in politics if politics no longer has any power?

The right is Marxist!

No, I will not run for Québec solidaire in the next election!

But if I lean more to the right than to the left, there is still a cursed limit to making salamalecs in front of the business world!

It’s fine, the free market, but nations still have the right to manage themselves as they want, right?

Finally, when you think about it, the right is more Marxist than the old Marxists of the 70s.

As the father of Capitalright-wingers analyze everything from an economic point of view.

Language policies, cultural policies, broadcasting policies, immigration policies, all must receive the approval and blessing of the Supreme Ministry of Economy.

Bill 21 will cause us to lose workers!

Law 96 will drive investors away!

We must open the floodgates of immigration to pull workers’ wages down and ensure that employers have the big end of the stick again!

A broken balance

Everything in life is a matter of balance.

It takes young people who want to change everything and old people who don’t want to change anything.

Le ying et le yang.

As much as we must be wary of people who want an omnipresent and omnipotent State, which interferes in all spheres of society, we must be worried about people who dream of a starving and skeletal State which only takes care of garbage collection and snow shoveling.

Private enterprise protects us from the bulimia of the state. And the state protects us from the greed of private enterprise.

These two bodies watch over each other.

However, for some time now, this precarious balance has been broken.

There are the wokes who dream of a state that would monitor our every thought.

And the libertarians who worship private enterprise and believe the world would be better run if Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk were elected president of the planet.

I may be old-fashioned, a product of the era in which I was born, but I still believe in the virtues of social democracy.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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