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The Indian child prodigy Anand predicted that 2022 will be the year of the moon, and the “binary conjunction” of Mars and Saturn that occurred 30 years ago will reappear. There may be catastrophes in March and April. Many people speculate that it may be the time of the stock market crash. Senior analysts said that the Taiwan stock market retraced more than 40% in 1992, which can be regarded as a crash. Anand’s remarks this time may be similar to the situation in Taiwan in 1992, but will it be another one? The crash of China still needs continuous observation and reservations for the time being.

Taiwan stocks rose by 3486 points for the whole year of 2021, setting the third largest gain in Taiwanese stocks history, second only to 1989 and 2009, with an increase of 23.66%. The red market opened today (3), setting a record high of 18,379 points in early trading. Taiwan stocks are hitting new highs frequently and the Fed will raise interest rates this year. Taiwan stocks are under pressure to retreat and correct. Whether Anand’s prediction means that the stock market will be bad in March and April has become a discussion among many investors. topic.

What happened to the front stocks in 30 years? Li Yongnian, the deputy general manager of Qiqihar Investment Consulting, stated in the program “We Can’t Wait for Financial Management” that Taiwan did fall from the beginning of the year to the end of the year in 1992, and it retreated for a whole year. It was not until January 1993 that it saw a low point, when it fell from 5459 points. To 3098 points, a drop of 43%, it is considered a collapse. As for why it fell so deep back then? In fact, it was because in 1990, Taiwan stocks fell from 12,682 points to 2,485 points, from February 12 to October 12, and fell 10,000 points in a full eight months. It can be said that it was an unprecedented collapse, and then rebounded again. Pull back and hit the second foot, because from a technical point of view, it was impossible to stand on one foot after such a sharp decline in 1990. At least another foot would be required to hold both feet.

Li Yongnian pointed out that in fact, everyone regarded the 1992 retracement as a technical retracement to hit the second leg. However, after all, the retracement was 43%, which can indeed be regarded as a crash. Therefore, Anan The “binary conjunction” of Mars and Saturn, which caused the Japanese stock market crash and the Taiwan stock market crash 30 years ago, will reappear. Therefore, it is predicted that the next wave of catastrophes will erupt from March to April. Many people speculate that it may be a “stock market crash.” At the point in time, he did not sing against the child prodigy, and felt that a relatively large retracement might occur.

As for whether Taiwan stocks really pulled back this year by a large margin, would it cause another financial tsunami or a trend of a major crash, Li Yongnian expressed his reservations for the time being and he needs to continue to observe for a while.

★ “Zhongshi News Network” reminds you: folklore legends are for reference only, please do not be overly superstitious.

The stock market crash in March-April 2022?! Is the prediction of the Indian prodigy possible?


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