the infinite dream of 654 young Gabonese –

Eligible in 2021 for an entrance examination to the Gabonese National Gendarmerie as part of a recruitment of student non-commissioned officers for the 2021-2022 cycle, some 654 young Gabonese have almost seen their future shattered.

Everything seemed to be rolling on billiards. The competition ended, a list of 654 candidates belonging to the 2th group was published.

A note dated January 15, 2021 from the Commander-in-Chief of the National Gendarmerie Yves Barassouaga invited candidates to take the medical tests January 25, 2021 for candidates from 1is group and May 03, 2021 for those of the 2th groupe.

Everything went well for the 1is band. After the medical tests, they left for training on April 22. They were released on June 20, 2022 and are already doing their dream job.

The machine seems to have seized up for the 2th band. Instead of May 03, the date of the medical examinations was postponed to June 07, 2021. And then dead silence. The tests have been suspended until further notice to the chagrin of the candidates, some of whom have left their odds and ends to prepare to serve in the green-yellow-blue colors. The others shit with the school. Others, 3 years later are reached by the age limit.

« We only want to be treated like our first wave friends begs one of the candidates.

« We expect our equality of opportunity, credo of the Head of State “Added another who maintains that his days and nights have become unbearable. ” It’s as if this competition stole my future and especially my dreams “, he regrets.

Another candidate refuses to believe in a ” broken dream ” or one ” lost hope “. Enduring, he assumes that the delay in ignition is simply due to red tape and that his day to put on the prestigious kepi of the gendarmerie is approaching.

Carl Nsitou

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