The innovation of medicine start-ups at the MWC in Barcelona

In times of uncertainty, innovation is key to the success of companies. 4YFN is the platform for start-ups or emerging companies from the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. For the first time, it is held on the same premises as the fair. More than 430 start-ups and 300 speakers, which is giving life to the technological event despite the absence of the heavyweights:

“We believe that social entrepreneurs will be at the forefront of the digital ecosystem, that the changes we are facing are so great that they are identifying opportunities around climate change, the digital divide, etc.”, explains Pere Durán, director of 4YFN.

Also around health … Telemedicine and start-ups Healthcare providers are gaining prominence after the pandemic. Artificial Intelligence (AI) already offers promising tools for mental health. Startup company Psious designs virtual reality programs to help patients overcome phobias, anxiety, depression or other mental disorders:

– “One of our programs for fear of needles is used to help patients overcome this phobia, helping them get the vaccine against COVID,” says Alex Bertie, from Psious.

The start-up Robin Cam has developed a surgical cap for doctors with a built-in recording camera. This allows them to record or broadcast your operations live. A useful gadget for medical and educational purposes:

“The activation is done through proximity sensors. You cannot touch the camera, the activation is done by bringing your hand closer. On the one hand, you can delimit the laser from the surgical area you are recording, and if you pass your hand over , the camera is activated “, explains Javier Garrido, co-founder of Robin Cam.

“With the pandemic, more and more patients have become accustomed to using technology to prevent disease, cure or improve their health, and, judging by the amount of start-ups present at the Mobile World Congress, it seems that this trend will continue, “concludes Euronews correspondent Cristina Giner from Barcelona.


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