The Japanese trick that you have to know to lower the heat inside the car in a minute

meteorologists forecast a strenuous hello of heat for this week in a good part of Argentina, with the Except for Patagonia. They estimate that temperatures will fluctuate between 30 and 42 degrees.

Specialists say that an outside temperature of 35 degrees is equivalent to causing, in one hour of exposure to the sun, a temperature of up to 55 degrees inside the cars.

It is not a minor fact: with the heat the driver can suffer attention disorders and in their psychophysical capacity in the same way as if he were drunk.

A temperature of 30 degrees inside the car has effects similar to a blood alcohol level of 0.5 in a liter of blood in terms of loss of ability to appreciate the environment and react quickly and uniformly, concluded a study carried out by the Spanish site Autopista.

When the passenger compartment reaches 30 degrees, driving errors increase by 20 percent and reaction times by 22affirms another investigation carried out in Germany, which ensures: “The risk of shock increases from 24 degrees.”

How is the Japanese trick to lower the heat in the car

It looks funny, but it is highly effective. Opening and closing the passenger door about five or six times before getting in will reduce the temperature noticeably.

In Japan they did a test and showed that, in a car with an interior temperature of 41.6 degrees, opening and closing the door lowered it to 33.5.

Other tips to keep the car cool:

  • Do not park in the sun: whenever possible, it is recommended to leave the car in the shade.
  • Install sunshades on the windshield and rear window: They are effective to reduce the entry of solar rays into the interior of the vehicle. They also help to keep the materials in the driving position in good condition.
  • Use steering wheel covers: If the car was exposed to the sun for a long time, the temperature of the steering wheel may exceed 70 degrees.
  • Leave the windows slightly open when parking: It will allow air circulation and, therefore, lower the heat inside the car. Of course: it increases the risk of theft.
  • Drive the first five blocks with the air on and the windows open: If the car was closed, it is recommended to facilitate the change of air in this way. Then, raise the windows and leave the air on.

Tips for driving on hot days

  • hydrate well: Before and while driving, it is recommended to drink water.
  • Avoid peak hours, such as noon: whenever possible, do not expose yourself to this time of day.
  • Do not eat high calorie foods: will increase the feeling of heaviness and drowsiness.
  • Wear loose clothing, light and light fabric: the driver can feel more refreshed.
  • Do not use flip flops: are dangerous for driving.
  • Do not open the sunroof: the car must always circulate fully covered.
  • Schedule rest stops: in case of symptoms of fatigue or on long trips, it is recommended to stop, refresh yourself and then continue.

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