The Jesse again! Tomateros, halfway to the grand finale in LMP

Culiacán, Sin.- Home run three-run producer Jesse Castillo in the fourth inning it was fundamental supported with a masterful work on the mound of Edgar Arredondo, served so that the Tomateros de Culiacán they will rise with the victory to the sound of 6 races against 1 of the Yaquis de Obregón, in a meeting held on Wednesday night on Sonoran soil and that incidentally puts the series 2-0 in favor of the cherries in the semifinals from Mexican Pacific League in its 2020-2021 edition.

The winning pitcher with a sensational job on the shooting mound, Edgar Arredondo, said he was happy with the bats of his teammates who supported him to get to the top of the series and closer and closer to the great final of the LMP.

“Fortunately the positive result was given to us tonight, very happy with the response of my teammates’ bats and the victory we took home, an incredible harmony and now the addition of Jesse Castillo is incredible, he connected very well with us and Well, here are the results, we get two ahead and go home to try to finish the series, ”he said.

The winning pitcher for the cherries was Édgar Arredondo, while the defeat was carried by Faustino Carrera for Yaquis; This Thursday there is rest and the series resumes in its third meeting this Friday in Culiacán, where Juan Carlos Ramírez goes to the mound for Tomateros, while for the tribe it has not yet been confirmed but it could be André Rienzo or Dallas Martínez.

The game: In the first episode on Faustino Carrera’s pitches, Tomateros hit first with José Guadalupe Chávez, who was put out with a fly ball to center; Ramiro Peña, rolls out for third where Orlando Piña cannot contain and allows Peña to reach first base; Sebastián Elizalde took out the plant today to also be bottled; Joey Meneses in his turn rolls the box, but in second Elizalde is put out for the second out; Efrén Navarro struck out leaving 2 men on base.

Yaquis in his turn in the first inning against the pitches of Édgar Arredondo; first came for the tribe Alonzo Harris, who gave the first out with a fly ball on a foul ground captured by Elizalde; Carlos Sepúlveda is put out on a great play by Peña and Castillo on the first mat; Leandro Castro was struck out by Arredondo for the third out.

In the second to bat for Tomateros, Michael Wing came first, connected a line down the left; Jesse Castillo connected line through the central meadow; Irving Wilson made an excellent bunt to advance to second and third to his teammates although he was put out for the first out; Jesús Fabela struck out for the second cherry out; Guadalupe Chávez gives up the third out with a fly to center.

Yaquis came to bat in the second roll first with Victor Mendoza who gave the first out with a fly to center; Dariel Alvarez, connects unstoppable to short stops; Juan Carlos Gamboa flies out to center for the second out; Sebastián Valle connects unstoppable to the left; Jonathan Aranda rolls for the second to put Valle out and the third out falls.

In the third inning Ramiro Peña, serves raised to the left for the first out; Elizalde is put out with a great play by Gamboa who sacked one hand for the second out; Meneses flies out to the infield for the third out.

Yaquis in the third batted first Orlando Piña was put out with a fly to left; Harris rolls out, but Piña is fine who connects with Castillo for the second out; Sepúlveda is struck out for the third out. The board in three full 0-0 innings.

In the fourth roll, Tomateros came to hit first with Efrén Navarro who got unstoppable through the left field; Michael Wing, hit right; Jesse Castillo homers down the right to make Tomateros 3-0 over Yaquis; It was all for the starter Carrera, in his place Cuban Carlos Viera entered the mound; Irving Wilson grounded into the infield for the first out; Fabela hit a fly ball for the second and with a grounder to the box, Chavez was thrown out for the third out.

Yaquis in the fourth first came Leandro Castro who was grounded to the pitcher who worked well with Castillo for the first out; Mendoza is struck out for the second; Alvarez comes to bat, but could do nothing when he was struck out for the third out.

The fifth roll for the cherries came to hit Peña but was put out with a fly to center; Elizalde drops second out to infield; Joey Meneses is also put out with rotten to the picture.

The fifth leg Yaquis: first Juan Carlos Gamboa came to bat, he rolls but Castillo and Arredondo were good to put Gamboa out of Sinaloa for the first out; Valle, manages to reach first with a hit; Aranda came along, who was struck out for the second out and Orlando Piña gave the third out with a fly to right.

In the sixth episode, Tomateros came to bat first with Efrén Navarro being thrown out with a shot to the first mat; Wing is struck out for the second out; Castillo, take a double to the right meadow; Wilson, connects the line to the center and Tomateros adds another line on the board that becomes 4-0 over Yaquis; Navarro, serves high for the third out.

Already in the sixth Yaquis on his turn: first with Harris, he took the fly to center for the first out; Carlos Sepúlveda, takes unstoppable left field; Leandro Castro takes a bruise in the third for a double play in second, taking Sepúlveda and Castro out for outs 2 and 3 of the sixth inning.

The seventh was a new pitcher for Yaquis in the person of Javier Arturo López; Chávez came to bat for Tomateros, who hit the infield to get to first first; Ramiro Peña, hit into a double play. Elizalde hits the right-hander who is captured for the third out.

Yaquis in the seventh hit first off Víctor Hugo Mendoza, who homered to score the first run for the tribe still trailing 1-4 behind Tomateros; Álvarez, gives the first out through the right field; it was all for the starter Édgar Arredondo who gave his place to Juan Pablo López; Gamboa came to bat for Yaquis, he hit the center-back unstoppable; López came out of the mound and Jesús Castillo Ripalda entered to pitch, who faced Sebastián Valle first, struck out for the second out; Aranda took a fly ball for the third out and thus ended 7 complete innings with a 4-1 scoreboard in favor of Tomateros over Yaquis.

In the eighth episode the current champion came to bat with a new pitcher for the Sonoran team that took out Javier Arturo López and gave the place of the shots to Edwin Fierro; Joey Meneses came to bat, who hit short stops for the first out; Efrén Navarro, rolled into the infield for the second out; Wing struck out for the third out.

Yaquis in the eighth roll batted with a new pitcher for the cherries with Sasagi Sánchez; Alejandro González entered as a pinch hitter for the tribe, who struck out for the first out; Harris, hits the center back; Carlos Sepúlveda flies to center for the second out; Leandro Castro flies to left for the third out.

A new pitcher came for the tribe with Víctor Arano; In the ninth inning, Jesse Castillo batted first for Tomateros, hitting a double on the left, instead the Cuban Guibert entered to run on the second mat; Wilson came to bat who hit the center back to drive Guibert for Tomateros’ fifth career; Wilson tried to steal the base but was called out for the first out. Fabela, rolls the infield for the second out; José Chávez, connects rolled to the right meadow; Peña, takes a double to the right field and that sends in the spikes of Chávez to increase the advantage 6 runs against 1 of Yaquis. Elizalde connects hit; Ramiro steals the third mat. Elizalde steals second base; Meneses, on his turn struck out.

Tomateros got a new pitcher in the person of Calos Vázquez in chapter 9, Yaquis came to bat, with Víctor Mendoza, who reached base by contact from the pitch of the cherry pitcher; It was all for Vázquez and Carlos Torres arrived for the cherries; Dariel Álvarez, connects raised to left for the first out; Gamboa connects to the left but Fabela, being well placed, captures for the second out; Sebastián Valle, connects unstoppable to left field; Aranda, who walked; It was all for Torres and Alberto Baldonado, the star closer of the cherries, is coming; Ismael Salas, raised to the box to give up the third out and thus gives up the third out that puts the bolt of the final match for a victory for Tomateros to the sound of 6 runs to 1 for Yaquis in the second game of the LMP semifinals.



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