The journal ‘Medicina Clínica’ publishes a study developed by the Caule on the effect of covid on the brain

A study conducted in the León University Assistance Complex has revealed that lCovid-19 or its treatment could have an effect on mood. The depressive symptoms found in patients share characteristics with depressions of vascular origin, which is consistent with other described manifestations of SARS-CoV-2. There could also be a euphoric effect.

The article, which sIt will be published soon in the magazine of high scientific impact ‘Clinical Medicine’, includes the study carried out with admitted patients during the first wave of the disease and is entitled: ‘Relationship between levels of interleukin 6 and depression in patients affected by Covid-19’.

A dozen professionals from the Immunology and Psychiatry services, with Antonio Serrano as coordinator, collected data between April 17 and May 7, 2020 at a total of 27 patients. “The inclusion criterion was the existence of a determination of interleukins, initially 48 patients were detected, of which 27 were finally included in the study”, specifies Serrano.

This studio does not separate the physical from the psychic, but is considered a whole. What has been evaluated is not so much the presence or not of depression, but through the answers given to a questionnaire it has been tried to establish what neurotransmitter might be responsible for that symptom. ‘Each depressive symptom that I was asking about in the questionnaire has been assigned to a neurotransmitter, for example, the anhedonia symptom is considered to be associated with dopamine, or rumination (turning a thought over and over) is associated with serotonin. Through the responses obtained we have found a profile that closely resembles that of depressions of vascular origin (caused by lesions in the brain due to alterations in blood flow), which is consistent with other manifestations of COVID, ”explains Serrano.

In the same way, it has also been measured whether there was a correlation between the direct score on the depressive scale and the levels of interleukins, which are substances that the brain secretes and that have been found elevated in stress or disease processeshowever, no correlation has been found.

In the study several psychiatrists and immunologists have participated, both residents and deputies, and have shown their appreciation to the Ethics and Clinical Research Committee for “its agility and helps all health workers to be able to interview patients.”


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