the judge reopens the “Marta case”

The “truthfulness” of the evidence against Carcaño’s brother is investigated and if the place where the body is found could be “clarified”

The same day Miguel Carcaño was arrested, but eleven years ago, the “Marta del Castillo case” is open again. The judge of Instruction 4 of Seville –which is now Álvaro Martín, who prosecuted Chaves and Griñán– ordered “the Security Forces and Bodies that have been investigating to date” to inquire about the new evidence provided by the victim’s family about the possible motive for the murder of the young woman in 2009. The evidence would give truth to the seventh version of the crime in which Carcaño pointed to his brother Javier Delgado as the author of the murder to try to hide a crime of being and falsehood in the mortgage of his house on León XIII street in Seville. The judge commissioned the Police to verify the “truthfulness” of the evidence and whether “the place where Marta del Castillo’s body is located or the possible participation in her death of third parties who until now were not prosecuted” could be clarified.

More than a decade after the crime, Miguel Carcaño, as Marta’s family now maintains, has had a breath of mercy and has lent himself to collaborate in the recomposition of a crime that goes beyond an unsolved puzzle, while they are missing many pieces and there are two sentences – one for the then minor nicknamed “The Cuckoo” and another of the adults involved – contradictory in basic aspects. The original ruling of the juvenile jurisdiction pointed to the important participation as little in the cover-up of Carcaño’s brother, his girlfriend Maria and his friend Samuel, acquitted for lack of evidence. The need for at least one “necessary collaborator” was also pointed out before the impossibility of closing the circle of movements and hours within the spiral of lies of the multiple versions. Rubik’s cube of Marta’s crime continues thanks to the perseverance of the family, who has requested the statement of Miguel, his brother, Marta’s own father and the alleged infiltrator in the family of “El Cuco”. The judicial case filed in 2013 against Francisco Javier Delgado, who has always defended that his brother accuses him for revenge for not visiting him in jail and whose environment was seized, as he was able to know LA RAZÓN, to the version of the crime in the that Carcaño said he raped Marta with “El Cuco” and then killed him.

Antonio del Castillo pointed to new information provided by Carcaño during his visit to the Herrera de la Mancha prison in February 2017. “Look at the mortgage papers,” he said. Thus, they discovered the possible falsification of documents such as “payroll, working life or income declarations” to obtain a mortgage of 108,000 euros in the name of Carcaño with false jobs as a waiter in the bar “The less two degrees” of La Rinconada. His brother would have deposited more than 32,000 euros in the account of his business partner, the Dseda bar. It points to a “plot of scams and falsehoods for the granting of mortgages.” «I don’t know where the body is. Ask my brother, ”he also told the 21-year-old prisoner to the father of the young woman and advanced this newspaper. Carcaño insisted that the person responsible for everything is his brother, that he could move the body to another place and that “the Cuckoo” was with them. Carcaño remained, in part, in the seventh version, in which he spoke of a place in La Rinconada – the Majaloba estate, unsuccessfully tracked – as a place where the body was buried. This version argued that Marta measured, around 22:00 on January 24, 2009, in an argument for having spent the mortgage money and Javier struck him with a gun to which he had access as a guard. “My daughter does not appear because she has those five butts on her head,” says Marta’s mother. “For once, we have a smile on our face,” says the father.


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