The knot in his heart, Tak Boriboon thinks that his mother doesn’t love. Share parenting issues

You think so much, why am I at home? Why did he come to eat and sleep? We didn’t find much. because you have to get married So he thought a lot that his mother didn’t love him. and keep collecting

Then we go get some. didn’t get some If any week is free, go pick it up. If the week is not available, I will not go to pick up. He will begin to sarcastically mock his mother. So we will fight often.

Tak: It’s often when I was young because we were always with Khun Aunt. from childhood to adulthood We hardly ever live with our mother. But one day, having a child So I know that I love you.

Mae Pom : very happy now I’m so glad he has a child. He will know what a mother loves her child. I love you so much, I love you the most, and I’m glad he succeeded in life. have a good family

Tak: Thank you, mom. I want to tell my mother that it’s a wrong idea who thinks that mom doesn’t love me It could be the period of adolescence. who may think that mother does not come to love us We have to create our own. But as he grew up, he began to change his mind. To this day, it’s been a very happy day for me. Because I have given my mother everything. It’s a very happy life. I have both lovely children and wives, and my mother is very happy.


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