The Lack of Doctors in Spain: Exploring the Crisis and Solutions for the Health Sector

2023-04-19 08:23:28

The lack of doctors is one of the problems that is most affecting the entire Spanish health sector. However, the data and especially the Human Resources studies indicate that It is not a global problem of all specialties medical but of some increasingly identified as Family medicine.

This was extensively discussed in one of the last Interterritorial Councils of the National Health System (CISNS), which brings together the Ministry of Health with the regional departments of the branch. As you may have learned Medical Writingup to seven autonomous communities stated that perhaps it was time to propose that the MIRs had to stay for a while working in regional health systems what formed them as specialists; Although the regions are aware that today, this possibility is contrary to current law.

A meeting that also discussed the problem that generate the specialties that they currently have surplus but which continues to offer a perhaps excessive number of MIR squares. A reflection that these speakers combined with the need to prioritize the needs of the health system in Specialized Health Training (FSE).

Good grades do not mean a vocation as a doctor

A long debate that led to a collective reflection within the aforementioned Interterritorial Council on the “crisis of vocations” in Medicine. As noted in this meeting behind closed doors between the Ministries and the Ministry, the issue deserves reflection. This is because, as this newspaper has been able to learn, the idea slipped that “many students are induced to choose Medicine by the pressure of the environmentsimply for having achieved a very high grade” in his high school studies. A fact, according to these sources, which led to the reflection that such a circumstance “It does not always correspond to a real vocation” for being a doctor.

In this sense, there was also talk of Official Specialty Program (POE) of Family Medicine, one of the specialties that requires more doctors in our health system. And it is that several communities demanded “the need to review accreditation criteria to favor the increase of places”.

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