The lack of gasoline got into the runoff: Milei went to a service station and took photos

2023-10-28 22:09:00

The presidential candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Mileywent to a service station in the northern area of ​​Buenos Aires with the aim of load gasoline. There he was approached by a huge number of workers and clients who asked for selfies for thirty minutes. “The caste model always ends the same: with shortages or increased prices,” she said.

Attentive to the fuel shortage in different parts of the country and in the middle of the campaign for the second round against Sergio Massathe libertarian economist was present at a YPF to question the National Government.

In 23 days we have the most important election of our lives. Not only for us and all the work we have been doing for two years, but because what is defined is whether Argentina continues to be a prisoner of this political class that has caused so much damage; or if we change to embrace the ideas that made this country great,” he declared in response to the future election.

The problems due to the shortage of gasoline

In recent days, there has been a lack of fuel in different areas of the country along with long queues at stations that were still supplied. The oil companies assured that there are no problems and that things will soon return to normal. In a joint statement, the main companies detailed that it was partly due to the long weekend, the elections and reports of possible shortages that generated excess demand.

Milei went to a service station and took photos

For her part, the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royonmaintained in radio statements that the normalization of gasoline supply in different parts of the country will take between two and three days and assured that in the coming months there will be no “abrupt increases” in prices.

“Two boats have already been lowered and the third is being lowered. To solve this peak in demand that occurred due to the elections, the solution was to import ships and lower them as soon as possible. This is not immediate. It’s already working, but The logistics to reach each point can take two or three days.”Royon explained.

“There are provinces that are more complicated, especially those that border with Paraguay, Brazil or Chile, but they are recovering,” the official explained in dialogue with the program Con Qui Hay Que Hablar on Radio Provincia.

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