The large-scale machine masterpiece “Battle Primitives” will launch a new remake “Battle Primitives: Cave Ninja”, returning to the crazy Jurassic world |

“Battle Primitives” (Japanese version name: ジョーとマック戦え Primitives, English version name: Joe & Mac) is an action-adventure game produced and published by Data East. The game was first released on a large video game console, and then ported to the Super Nintendo host platform in Japan on December 6, 1991. This remake is developed by Mr. Nutz Studio, adding more elements, and will be launched on PS4, PS5, PC, Switch and other platforms on December 1. Generations of gamers, enjoy this interesting and weird, but also longer, better, faster, stronger… world of primitive people.

Players will become original cavemen named Joe (Joe) and Mac (Mike), who lived in a peaceful and happy village, until one day, a group of bad guys suddenly appeared and snatched all the women in the village. It’s up to Joe and Mike to save them all as players battle fearsome giant dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and save a whole village of women in a newly designed and colorful Jurassic era!

The large-scale machine masterpiece

  • Brand new design:Experience a remake that is completely faithful to the original arcade game, with novel art, light music, and better controls, bringing an unprecedented experience.
  • New game modes:Arcade mode (remastered version) and expansion mode, which will bring a longer game experience.
  • Two-player co-op mode:Sometimes it’s better to have a double cannon than to be alone, find friends to play with you, and share a more powerful adventure.
  • Each mode has new functionality:Training Mode, Boss Rush Mode, Score Attack Mode, and Speed ​​Run Mode to play faster than ever!

The large-scale machine masterpiece

With these added features, each level is fun, colorful and uniquely quirky, yet challenging. In addition, the game will launch “T-REX Limited Edition”, which includes not only the full version of the game, but also 2 collection stickers, 1 trading card and 1 pair of 3D key rings.

The large-scale machine masterpiece

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