‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 4: Trailer and everything we know so far

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The last kingdom has slowly become a giant spectacle on Netflix. Season 4 of The last kingdom was finally announced on Netflix in April 2020. Here’s everything we know so far about the series, including where it is in production, which plays in Season 4 and what we can expect.

The last kingdom is a Netflix Original series based on Saxon stories by author Bernard Cornwell. Originally, the series was produced by BBC America and co-produced by Netflix.

By the third season, Netflix had taken over production entirely and it became a complete Netflix Original and the rest, as they say, is history.

Taken from his ancestral home after the betrayal of his uncle, the young Osbert was raised by the Danes. Renamed Uhtred, he was raised as a son by Earl Ragnar.

When the banished ship captain of Ragnar returns to take revenge on Ragnar, he blames Uhtred. Having no choice but to flee, he and his lover Brida retire to the kingdom of Wessex. Obliged to serve King Alfred, Uhtred was given the task of training Alfred’s armies to fight the invading Danes. Uhtred dreams of being able to return to his ancestral home and recover his birthright.

What is the release date of The last kingdom season 4?

Finally, Netflix has finally announced that season 4 of The last kingdom would air on Netflix from Sunday April 26, 2020.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Trailer

On April 12, 2020, Netflix released the first preview of Season 4 with a huge and promising trailer. Unfortunately, the trailer has only been uploaded to Twitter so far and we will include a YouTube trailer if we receive it.

The new trailer promises action-packed fight sequences and, in our opinion, it appears that the budget has been significantly increased for this season.

The last kingdom recap of season 3

Uhtred was forced to flee Wessex after accidentally killing a holy man in the presence of King Alfred. Fleeing north, Uhtred found his adopted brother Ragnar. The Danes united to lead an invading force to the south to further conquer the areas of Mercia and therefore Wessex.

King Aethelwold’s nephew spent the entire season plotting to take Alfred’s crown. This ultimately leads to Ragnar’s death when Aethelwold killed him while he was sleeping.

This divided the Danish forces while Brida was distracted by finding her lover’s killer. Uhtred joined Brida in search of Ragnar’s killer and found a way for Ragnar’s soul to reach Valhalla when he died without his sword in hand.

Edward takes control of Alfred’s forces – Copyright Carnival Film & Television

Edward led his father’s forces in the first fight against the Danes. Leading to a Wessex victory against Heasten’s forces. After the defeat of Heasten’s forces, the Danish army is weakened and has to wait until winter before attacking.

They send Aethelwold back to Wessex as a spy, spared the traitor’s life but lost sight of his crime. Aethelwold continues to plot as Alfred’s condition worsens. Uhtred was able to reconcile with Alfred before the death of the king. Finally learning of Alfred’s true feelings for Uhtred, he was pardoned by the king on the condition that he swore loyalty to his son Edward. Uhtred eventually learns that the murder of Aethelwold de Ragnar and the coward is fleeing Wessex to join the Danes.

Aethelwold after losing his eye – Copyright Carnival Film & Television

With the death of Alfred, Edward is crowned King of Wessex. As spring approaches, the Danish army is moving south to begin its invasion. Aetholwold, having convinced Sigebriht to be Edward’s banner man, is convinced that he can turn the tide when the battle arrives.

Aethelred of Mercia declares that Mercia will not participate in the war and draws its strength. Uhtred convinces King Edward to attack the invading force before they arrive to surprise them. Invoking their forces, the Wessex army sets out to meet the Danish invaders.

Catching the Danes off guard, the initial attack works to the advantage of Wessex. With more troops, the Danes soon began to retain the Wessex army. Arriving in time to help Wessex, Aethelfold’s mercenary army (Edward’s sister and Aethelred’s wife).

Turning the course of the battle against the Danes, Sigebriht betrays Aethelwold and joins the side of Wessex. As Aethelwold tries to flee the battle, he is taken by Brida and Uhtred. Using what remains of Ragnar’s blood, Uhtred pierces the pocket containing the blood in Aethwold’s heart making sure that Ragnar’s soul is sent to Valhalla.

Who appears in The last kingdom season 4? Who was chosen?

The full list of returning actors has been confirmed as follows:

Role Distribution member
Uhtred Ragnarsson Alexander Dreymon
Father Beocca Ian Hart
Aethelred Toby Regbo
Brida Emily Cox
King edward Timothy Innes
Aelswith Eliza Butterworth
Finan Mark rowley
Aethelflaed Millie Brady
Nuts Magnus Bruun
Haesten Jeppe Beck Laursen
Aelfric Joseph Milson

We can also confirm two new actors who will join the actors for the fourth season of The last kingdom:

  • Stefanie Martini will play the role of Eadith who is the new love conquest of Aethelred
  • Jamie Blackley will play Eardwulf who is described as Aethelred’s new right hand
  • Ruby Hartley expected to play Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra

In the photo (from left to right): Stefanie Martini, Jamie Blackley, Ruby Hartley, Ossian Perret (Grantchester) was cast The last kingdom. Their roles were finally confirmed in a Twitter message by the series’ official account.

How book adaptations will influence The last kingdom season 4

Previously, each season covered about two books from which the story is adapted. Season 3 ended with the events of Death of kings. There are a few track points for Death of kings that could be used for the start of season 4. If they go from Death of kings and choose to go to the events of The pagan lord then a significant time jump is planned.

After season 4, there are still three books ready to be adapted. The series has had significant differences from that of the books, so even if the series has to go beyond the history of the books (season 6 or 7), the writers will likely be fine in continuing the story themselves. The biggest factor is the age of the characters in the novels, because Uhtred is in his fifties in the events of The pagan lord and The empty throne.

Season 4 will cover the events of 3 books from The Saxon Stories: Copyright – HarperCollins

What to expect from The last kingdom season 4 on Netflix

The official synopsis of the fourth season of The last kingdom was supplied by Carnival Films:

“After Alfred’s death, alliances between the kingdoms broke down. Uhtred thinks the time has come to challenge his uncle Aelfric, played by Joseph Millson (Casino Royale, banned), and to take back his ancestral home, Bebbanburg. However, destiny is moving in a different direction, which leads Uhtred to realize that his destiny is linked to Alfred’s dream of a united land. This, and Uhtred’s feelings for Aethelflaed, bring him back into politics that threatens to start war. “

A return to Bebbanburg?

As we speculated on the plot for the fourth season, Uhtred’s trip to his ancestral home was one of the sons of the plot we mentioned. Uhtred’s fate in the above synopsis will continue to drive him from Bebbanburg and bring him back to the Kingdom of Wessex. After the events of the last season, Uhtred has created fierce enemies in the form of Cnut and Haesten who will seek revenge on Uhtred for his role in the ambush against the Danish forces.

A new king is rising?

King Edward will struggle in his early years as the new king of Wessex. With a legacy such as that of his father to follow, naturally many men who were once loyal to Alfred may not be as loyal to their young king. Edward will need help from Uhtred to unite the land and create Alfred’s dream of England. Aethelflaed co-controls the kingdom of Mercia, alongside her husband Aethelred but with the latter plotting to kill his wife, it may be up to Uhtred to save her. What will likely end in the couple finally admitting to each other’s feelings?

If Edward can hold the kingdom of Wessex and keep his mercian allies, then he has an excellent platform to pursue a conquest that would lead to capturing lands held by the Danes such as Lundene and the kingdom of East Anglia.

A time jump?

We expected to see a step back in time and Eliza Butterworth’s Instagram almost confirmed it. Actress Ruby Hartley has been chosen to play Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra. We have not seen any information on the fate of the sons of Uhtred, Uhtred and Osbert.

Ruby Hartley will make her television debut in The last kingdomand the choice of casting is almost perfect. In the books, Uhtred noted how much his late mother Stiorra looked like, so much so that it even hurt our favorite Viking to watch his own daughter.

Ruby Hartley (left) and Peri Baumeister as Gisela (left) – Copyright Carnival Film & Television

As you can see in the image above, the resemblance is strange!

Where in production is The last kingdom season 4?

We can now confirm that the filming of the fourth season of The last kingdom ended in October 2019.

This was confirmed in a tweet by the series’ official Twitter account:

On October 7, the cast posted a video saying they were waiting for the upcoming fourth season.

We had our first glimpse of the progress of The last kingdom in late summer 2019 when Netflix released footage for the fourth season of The last kingdom.

During production, the cast and crew uploaded photos to their social media accounts.

Magnus Bruun who depicts the Dane, Cnut in The last kingdom certainly had fun in his role. Her latest update with actress Emily Cox suggests that we expect more bloody action with Cnut and Brida at heart.

We also confirmed some directors for season 4 of The last kingdom:

  • Andy Hay is intended to direct episodes 5 and 6 of season 4.
  • David Moore who worked Outlander, Shetland and Jericho is set to direct episodes 7 and 8.

In January 2020, we learned that the music for the show had been recorded according to John Lunn. We were also able to discover the new series in the editing room.

In preparation for the release of Season 4, more behind-the-scenes photos have been shared on the official Twitter account of The last kingdom:

How many episodes will there be The last kingdom season 4?

It has been confirmed that the fourth season of The last kingdom will come back with 10 more episodes.

Are you excited for the fourth season of The last kingdom? Let us know in the comments below!

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