The Last of Us – What time does the 4th episode premiere on HBO Max?

The Last of Us continues with everything on HBO Max, consolidating itself more and more as one of the great series of 2023. Being HBO’s big bet for the year, the adaptation lived up to expectations, drawing praise from critics and the public, and, by all indications, it will completely break the curse of game animations.

After the extremely emotional and impactful third episode, which told the beautiful story of Bill and Frank, The Last of Us will again focus on Joel and Ellie in the next episode, showing the protagonists in a tense situation. It is worth remembering that the HBO series has already been confirmed for the second season, and you can check out more details by accessing this link.

Where and when to watch the fourth episode of The Last of Us

The fourth episode of The Last of Us will be released next Sunday, February 5, on HBO (closed channel), at 11 pm (Brasília time). In addition, the episode will also arrive simultaneously on HBO Max, the famous streaming service.

HBO Max has different types of subscriptions, with a monthly, quarterly and annual plan. In addition, it is also possible to choose between the Mobile and Multiscreen plans. The first offers access to one screen at a time, with a resolution adapted to each device. Multitelas, on the other hand, works on all devices and allows access to 3 screens at the same time, delivering 4K resolution. Access this link to subscribe.

What to expect from the fourth episode of The Last of Us

The episode will be very tense (image: HBO/Playback)

The fourth episode of The Last of Us will be full of tension, while the action will come back with everything in the adaptation. If last Sunday’s episode brought a drama-focused plot, now the tension will occupy a good amount of screen time, with Joel and Ellie facing a threat that may be worse than the infected: The humans.

Pursued by Hunters, both will need to work together to survive the danger. The episode will introduce an unprecedented character in the franchise, placing Kathleen as a big stone in the path of the protagonists. The character is played by Melanie Lynskey.

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