The Last of Us – What time does the second episode premiere on HBO Max?

The second episode of The Last of Us will be released next weekend, after the resounding debut of HBO’s newest production. Named one of the biggest series of 2023, the adaptation had great audience numbers, surpassing even the premieres of HBO’s weight series, including Game of Thrones.

With an excellent reception from critics, being considered by many vehicles as the greatest adaptation of a game, The Last of Us was also well received by the public, pleasing fans with great fidelity to the original content, despite some differences and novelties present in the episode of debut.

Where and when to watch the second episode of The Last of Us

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The second episode of The Last of Us will be released next Sunday, January 22, on HBO (closed channel), at 11 pm (Brasília time). In addition, the episode will also arrive simultaneously on HBO Max, the famous streaming service.

HBO Max has different types of subscriptions, with a monthly, quarterly and annual plan. In addition, it is also possible to choose between the Mobile and Multiscreen plans. The first offers access to one screen at a time, with a resolution adapted to each device. Multitelas, on the other hand, works on all devices and allows access to 3 screens at the same time, delivering 4K resolution. Access this link to subscribe.

What to expect from The Last of Us Episode 2

The second episode of The Last of Us will see Joel, Ellie and Tess out of Boston’s quarantine zone, starting a perilous journey into inhospitable territory. The episode called “The Infected” will show more of the “zombies” as its name implies, including being the first of the series with the presence of clickers. We tell you which are all the infected in the series in this link.

The episode should have a climate of great tension with a focus on creatures, presenting the horrors of the post-apocalyptic world of the franchise. In addition, it is very likely that in the final minutes an extremely important and remarkable event of the first game will take place.

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