The leader, Adel Imam, asked for the hand of this girl, but her family rejected him and borrowed from his previous work.. and his real profession before fame will shock you!

Leader Adel Imam did not stop for a moment in his creativity, and the river of his talent never dried up, and he continues to fascinate the audience with everything he presents. The innate energy of comedy infiltrates the hearts of the audience without asking permission, making what the artist Adel Imam presents come out from the heart to the hearts of the audience directly, regardless of their spectrum and ages.

And we review a video from the past, from a media meeting from the memory of Maspero Zaman, in which Adel Imam appeared to his audience and spoke spontaneously, so the dialogue came out honest, natural, and carries a great deal of frankness. His wife, and how their marriage took place, as Adel Imam indicated that he was not thinking of marriage and that his wife Hala was the one who married him, and he had seen her for the first time by chance when he was at the house of his friend Samir Khafaga, and she was Samir’s neighbor.

The marriage between him and Hala was the result of a love story of a special kind. The wife was from a feudal family and he, as he described himself at the time, was a “compars.” Therefore, the family categorically rejected this marriage because of their incompatibility on the social level, but Hala insisted on marrying Adel Imam despite his circumstances, especially that the acting profession that Adel pursued depends on fate. He was not at his best in terms of material aspects, and despite all that she insisted on marriage and the marriage took place coinciding with the beginnings of Adel Imam’s appearance, specifically during the rehearsals of a school play The rioters that achieved remarkable success and are still lingering in the minds of the public to this day.

Just as the marriage was not easy, the process of searching for and establishing a marital home was not easy for Adel and Hala. They kept looking for the apartment and eventually chose an apartment in Dokki without furniture. They bought a bed and relied on newspapers as “furnishes” for their apartment, and the establishment process began. And the furnishing gradually, even when his sons got old and were running on chairs, he always told them, “I am very tired in this chair.”

Adel described his wife, saying, “I, our Lord, loves me because I married these six,” stressing that at first he married her with his mind, but later he felt that it was impossible to marry someone else, and Hala remained a companion of Adel Imam’s struggle until he reached the top, and she is still the companion of his path and struggle and the mother of his children. Director Ramy Emam, artist Mohamed Emam and Sarah.

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