The leaked image of the international star “Shakira” without clothes with her new lover after her separation from the football player Pique!!

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A few days after her separation from her boyfriend, soccer player Gerard Pique, a picture of international star Shakira was leaked without clothes, and it is remarkable that she was with a man.

A picture of Shakira without clothes, in which she appeared in the water, and what was more remarkable was the back of a man’s hand in the picture, while he was holding her mirror and looking at her

This picture caused a large wave of criticism of the international star by the public, who considered her to provoke Pique at the expense of her personal image.

International Colombian artist Shakira caused a sensation on social media, after what she did with Nick Jonas, the international American artist.

In the details, the Colombian artist Shakira showed the audience a new video clip, through her own account on the social networking site, in which she appeared from the program that she participates in the jury “Dancing with myself”, as she dances to the tunes of her song “chantaje”, With artist Nick Jonas.

In one of the episodes, Shakira asked Nick Jonas to show her his dance moves, so he danced with her in a way that some followers considered provocative, while others flirted with her high dancing abilities.

This sparked a lot of controversy, which led some to say that she is trying to make her ex-boyfriend, Gerard Pique, jealous.

On the other hand, a professional gang implicated the international Colombian artist Shakira after discovering that her husband Gerard Pique had betrayed her with another girl, which made her announce her abandonment of him.

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