The leaked photos reveal the look of the special VW Golf GTI 45 Edition

The sharp Volkswagen Golf hatchback will soon celebrate its forty-fifth birthday, so it’s no wonder that the carmaker has decided to prepare a special edition for the celebrations. And its appearance has already leaked to the public.

Volkswagen introduced the first sharp Golf with the GTI designation in 1976, which means that this year it will celebrate its forty-fifth birthday in one of the world’s most famous hot-hatches. To celebrate them, the carmaker is preparing a small surprise for its customers, which was, however, revealed prematurely.

The Golf Golf GTI images in the supposedly special 45 Edition edition appeared on the Cochespias instagram profile, which will offer several aesthetic curiosities. We can start, for example, with a special body kit, which offers a more pronounced spliter from the GTI Clubsport model, more pronounced sill extensions or black lacquered mirrors.

In the underbody, there are black-painted alloy wheels, lined with a red stripe, behind which the red-painted brake calipers shine. The most striking detail of the special edition, however, is the black bar at the bottom of the door, at the end of which is the number “45”. At the back we can notice a black lacquered spoiler, connected to the black roof, or two round teaching ends.

According to information from British colleagues from AutoExpress, sports-shaped seats should appear in the interior, on which the number 45 will be highlighted again. In addition to the history of the Golf GTI, we expect traditional model Up! GTI.

It is also not yet clear what motorization will appear under the hood. Volkswagen could reach for both the classic GTI, which offers 180 kW and 370 Nm of torque, and the more powerful version of Clubsport, which offers 221 kW and 400 Nm of torque. At the same time, further modification of the chassis or brake system is not ruled out, which could further emphasize the uniqueness of the model.

However, we will find out more detailed information only during the official premiere, which could allegedly take place in the coming days or weeks.


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