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“Sound Dream Legend 2” held a press conference today and officially announced the list of 23 contestants, six of whom came from the “Sound Dream Junior” referral program, including Liang Shanzhi (Crystal), Miao Yunxi (Charlotte), Deng Xiaoyin (Kiele) and Yang Bingyi (Caitlin), Zhuang Yinyue (Vici), who was numb to the audience, and Liu Zhijun (Aster), who was “hot”, were not shortlisted at first, but they participated in the selection again, and finally formed the women’s team XiX with six women. The average age Only 14 years old, really youthful invincible.

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The shortlist for “Sound Dream Legend 2” will be announced tomorrow. Aster has a chance to participate in the selection and is expected to be “resurrected”?next page

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Except for XiX, everyone else participated in the competition in their own name. Tsang Chi-wai, general manager (program content operation) of TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd., said in an interview, “We don’t dare to choose too young, especially boys. I tried a boy before. At the time, I had a good voice, but the more I changed my voice, the more I sang. This time, all the boys are over 21 years old! (Looking forward to surpassing Yan Mingxi?) It’s hard to say, Yan Mingxi is slowly catching up with Xi, I believe that everyone will gradually improve.” XiX teamed up to participate, Zeng Zhiwei thought that “Sound Dream Junior” was a test of the water temperature, and hoped that “Sound Dream 3” could allow different numbers of units to participate in the future. As for the mentors, Zeng Zhiwei revealed that this time he added two mentors, but he sold off first. As for the role of Hacken Lee’s “Daddy”, he said, “He shouldn’t be able to participate, because he is busy with ‘The Voice’.”

The six girls from XiX were interviewed. They said that they participated in the competition as a group, and they bluntly expressed their surprise. Charlotte said, “We discussed how to form a group. Because we have a good understanding and good feelings, we decided to form a group.” Crystal admitted that there are With teammates, they don’t feel stage fright. Kiele said that they are very happy from being good friends to forming a girl group. Six women said that after participating in “Sound Dream Junior”, the number of IG fans increased. Since the six are still studying, they will work hard to focus on their studies after chasing their dreams.

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Sound Dream JUNIOR丨Four winners were selected to go straight to “The Legend of Sound Dream 2” The thinnest only 12-year-old hot Aster was eliminated and the audience was disappointednext page

For men, the oldest is 29-year-old Kim Yongheng (Christopher). Compared with the youngest, 13-year-old Zhao Zinuo and Miao Yunxi, he is 16 years old. Kim Yongheng is a mixed race of Hong Kong and South Korea. He “Wang Ding”, but he misheard “Wang Di”, his eyes were on the ground the whole time, serious and funny. He said that although he is a mixed race, his parents communicate in Cantonese, and he doesn’t know how to speak Korean at all. “I don’t think it’s possible to get extra points (as a Hong Kong-Korean mixed race), but I hope everyone can remember me easily because of my identity!” At the same time, I praised the strength of the younger contestants, and I will definitely work harder, hoping not to lose the fight. The 25-year-old Peng Jiaxian once participated in ViuTV’s “Making Stars II”. At that time, he failed to reach the top 60 in the resurrection and was eliminated. He said that he has stage experience and is less stage fright than others, but he appeared at today’s press conference. Almost fell down on the steps, but fortunately there was no danger. Are you worried about being accused of defecting? Peng Jiaxian said: “The most important thing is to think about your original intention, which is to love to sing! It doesn’t matter which TV station you are, as long as it has a place to perform or shine, you don’t need to split the stage!”

In addition, Huang Luoyan is a violinist who once lived in Vienna. Another female player, Sun Yiwen, is a graduate of this year’s artist training class, and she moved to a singing competition in hopes of breaking through. As for 21-year-old Zhao Xiaoting, a medical student at the University of Hong Kong As a student, she bluntly said that when dealing with studies and competitions, it is necessary to manage and allocate time well.

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The list of 23 contestants is as follows:

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