“The Love Story of Indian Cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal and Social Media Influencer Dhanashree Verma: A Journey From Dance Class to Marriage”

2023-04-24 09:25:54

Jaipur: Indian cricketer Yuzvendra Chehal explains how he first met choreographer and social media influencer Dhanashree Verma. Dhanashree and Chehal got married three years ago. Chehal joined Dhanashree’s dance class during Covid and later married her. Chehal revealed about the marriage in an interview given to ‘Humans of Bombay’.

“I was with my family when the Covid lockdown started. He was at home in Gurugram for four months. This is the first time that he has stayed at home for such a long time after starting his cricket career. That’s when I thought it would be good to learn dance. Learned dance online in Dhanashree’s class for two months. I once asked Dhanashree how he is so happy in life. The answer was that people find happiness in small things.

“Then I thought that Dhanashree was a girl like me. The family was informed about Dhanashree. Dhanashree was told that there was no time to fall in love and that he should get married. He also said that I am 30 years old. Dhanashree’s reply was that we can decide after seeing it directly. After the first meeting in Mumbai, Dhanashree said that he would get married.”- Chehal clarified.

English Summary: Chahal reveal love story with Dhanashree Varma

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