The male star who once protected Selina from “serious burns” was bombed: Do you still have the face to film? | Entertainment | CTWANT

Chinese actor Yu Haoming collaborated with Selina (Ren Jiaxuan) in the TV series “Love in Spring” in 2010. He had an accident in the explosion scene. At that time, he used his body to protect the woman, causing 39% of his body to be burned and scalded. That Year the Flowers Bloomed and the Moon Was Full” became popular again. Unexpectedly, a female netizen complained recently: “Do you still have the face to be filming in the crew for those bad things you did?” Suspected of being involved in emotional entanglements, it caused an uproar.

Yu Haoming was accused by a female netizen. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

A photography blogger “Miss Mao” tagged Yu Haoming on Weibo on the 16th. He first questioned that many of his PO posts related to Yu Haoming were blocked. He suspected that the team behind the scenes was behind the scenes, and then he said angrily: “What you did Bad thing, if it wasn’t for the “soft-hearted God” you said, she kept accommodating again and again and kept you decent, would you still have a bit of face to film in the crew?” Advise the other party: “Be a person.”

“Miss Mao” choked Yu Haoming angrily. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

“Miss Mao” then added that she didn’t want to gain attention, but “I really feel sorry for her as a friend, so I used Weibo to make a voice.” At the same time, he named Yu Haoming’s manager: “Don’t disturb my friend”, suspected to be for friends and Yu Haoming’s emotional disputes are unfair.

“Miss Mao” named Yu Haoming’s agent. (Picture / flip from Weibo)

After the news was exposed, it attracted heated discussions among netizens, “Can you directly provide evidence”, “It should not be a relationship issue, but a contract issue”, “The marketing number at the end of the year will be a performance”, “Small essays without real hammers will be begged according to the Internet. “, Some netizens also found that the woman’s Weibo is all the company’s stuff, and suspected that it was just for traffic, “It’s completely drainage, Yu Haoming is really miserable.”

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