The Masters Behind La Guadalupana: A Tribute to the Virgin of Guadalupe

2023-12-11 21:49:12

In the rich cultural fabric of Mexico, there is a melody that resonates daily, rising as a hymn of devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe: “The Guadalupana”. This song, imbued with Marian fervor, has transcended borders and is sung on pilgrimages to Tepeyac in Mexico City, as well as at masses, even in places as distant as the Vatican and Notre Dame (Paris). However, who were the masters behind this revered composition?

Did you know that Pedro Infante could have an indirect relationship with the La Guadalupana song? At Excelsior, we tell you who is behind the invention of this classic which has been sung by artists of the stature of Itati Cantoral.

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Who composed ‘La Guadalupana’, the song of the Virgin of Guadalupe?

Manuel Esperan (1911-2011)

The pianist turned melody master Manuel Esperón, one of the two geniuses behind La Guadalupanaplayed a fundamental role in the golden age of Mexican cinema. This prolific composer, pianist and conductor left an indelible mark on the country’s musical history.

With masterpieces such as Flor de azálea, I won’t return, and Amorcito corazón, Esperón participated in the soundtrack of 489 filmsstanding out especially in La Mujer del Puerto, a gem of national cinema.

His contribution was not limited to the seventh art, as he also left a legacy of 900 recorded songs, performed by renowned artists such as Pedro Vargas, Libertad Lamarque, Flor Silvestre, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Infante and the iconic Tin Tán. He even transcended borders by writing music for Hollywood and Walt Disney, but his heart always beat to the rhythm of Mexico.

Ernesto Cortázar Hernández (1897-1953)

Ernesto Cortázar Hernández, was born in Tamaulipas and He left a musical legacy that goes beyond the country’s borders. Founder of the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, Cortázar is remembered for timeless compositions such as Noche de Ronda and Juan Charrasqueado. His talent and dedication to music led him to immortality, but unfortunately he left this world in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco.

Both masters of melody, Esperón and Cortázar, stand as solid pillars of the golden age of Mexican cinema. His legacy endures through tributes, awards and recognitions, including the prestigious Golden Ariel. Beyond the musical notes, these two figures transcend time, linking the past with the present through his immortal music.

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The Creation of “La Guadalupana”: A Song of Devotion “La Guadalupana” is the result of creative marriage between Manuel Esperón and Ernesto Cortázar. It emerged at a time when devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe inspired poetry, songs and works of art. This composition, with its melodic cadence, has become the anthem of Marian heartsechoing in the pilgrimages and temples dedicated to the Morena Virgin.

Both composers, imbued with a deep love for Mexico, They captured in this song the essence of faith and devotion that millions of people feel for the Virgin of Guadalupe. Each chord and each word are witnesses of the spiritual connection between the Mexican people and their heavenly mother.

Tributes and Recognitions: The living legacy of La Guadalupana

La Guadalupana has gone beyond being a song; It has become a symbol of identity and spirituality. Its transcendental power has been manifested in such sacred places as the Vatican and Notre Dame, where faithful and devout people sing this melody with reverence.

The legacy of Esperón and Cortázar is not limited to the past; remains alive in every note of “La Guadalupana”, reminding us of the importance of faith and music as vehicles of cultural expression. These two masters, united in the creation of a masterpiece, have left an eternal gift to Mexico and the world: a song that celebrates the divine connection between heaven and earth.


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