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The mayor of New York, in the eye of the hurricane for hiring his brother for the security of the mayor’s office

The Mayor of New York, Democrat Eric Adams, is in the eye of the hurricane for having hired to its brother Bernard Adams to occupy the Mayor’s Office Security Directorate, position paid with $ 210,000, as published by ‘The New York Times’. Earlier, the mayor had already granted his relative, who served as a police officer for 20 years, a senior position in the New York Police Department.

The arguments put forward by the mayor, according to the North American newspaper, are, to say the least, controversial. Adams, who said on Sunday that the white supremacy and the “anarchists” are on the rise, he has suggested that he cannot trust anyone in the Police Department as much as his own family.

“Personal security – my life, my life – I want it in the hands of my brother, with his 20 years of police experience,” he said. Adams to add: “He has the police experience, but he also has the personal experience, he knows his brother and is going to keep him safe.”

Lack of ethics

This performance abounds in the image of Lack of ethics that is acquiring the mayor of the metropolis, previously plagued by alleged irregularities in the obtaining of funds for the electoral campaign.

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The law of the city of New York prohibits public officials from using, or attempting to use, their position “to obtain any economic benefit” for themselves or for those close to them, including their siblings. This provision, municipal officials point out, is not inflexible. The law allows the hiring of siblings if the Conflicts of Interest Board determines that the “position does not conflict with the purposes and interests of the city.”

Bernard Adams He started working on December 30, before his brother took office as mayor, according to municipal authorities. However, the Adams administration did not begin the process of seeking approval from the Conflicts of Interest Board until January 7, city officials said, when the hiring of Bernard Adams was first reported by The New York Post.


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