The mention of ‘poverty-stricken actress’ did not hurt- Ramya

Remya Suresh| screen Grab

Actress Ramya Suresh said that the mention of ‘poverty-stricken actress’ did not hurt her. Controversially, a film critic said that the characters played by Ramya in most of the films are impoverished and typecast. Director Akhil Marar also criticized the critic for insulting Ramya.

Ramya’s reaction was sought in this incident while interacting with journalists at the promotion event of Vellaripattanam movie. Ramya said that the mention of a poverty-stricken actress did not hurt.

“I don’t think it’s bad. He gave his opinion. I was called to Vellaripattanam after watching the movie Nizhal. Others approach me after watching Kuttenpillai’s three films Shivaratri, Naam Prakashan and Nizhal. Most of the films were made during Corona. Stayed at home for six months during Corona. Movies came after that. Then there was only the intention to do all the films available.

All of them have characters who cry when someone dies. All these films were released together. I can’t cry now. I have done the film for about ten months. Be selective. Then he is at home. There are characters I want to do. Loves to play police character and comedy. But none of this came for me. I also don’t want to be tape cast. I don’t listen to any of these comments. Saw Akhil Marar’s post. It was learned that the YouTuber later gave an explanation. When I heard that, I didn’t feel any problem,” added Ramya.

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