The Meteorological Center said that rain and thunderstorms are expected in most areas of Saudi Arabia from today rain and thundershowers are expected in most parts of Saudi Arabia from today – The Meteorological Center

Yambu: The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has predicted that heavy rain with thunder and lightning is expected in most parts of Saudi Arabia from today evening to Wednesday. The Center pointed out that good rainfall is expected in areas including Al Wajh, Diba, Haql, Neom, Sharma, Umlaj and Taima in Tabuk region, northern border areas, most of Al Jawf region and Madinah province. The Center also stated the possibility of heavy rain in Makkah, Jeddah, Rabakh, Hail, Twaif, Al Jumoom, Al Kamil, Khulais and Allait areas.

The Meteorological Center has also forecast thunder and rain with strong winds in many parts of Al Qasim, Hafar Albatin, Eastern Region, Khunfuda, Al Ardiat, Asir, Jizan and Albaha regions. Rain with wind is also expected in areas like Afif, Al Dawadmi, Al Majma and Al Zulfi in the northwestern parts of Riyadh region.

The Civil Defense Authority has also requested people living in valleys, streams and low-lying areas to be extra cautious in the coming days and to heed the warnings of the Meteorological Center and be extra vigilant.

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