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The Ministry of Health allowed the combination of vaccines

The Minister of Public Health, Firas Abyad, received from the Danish Ambassador to Lebanon “Meriti Jules” four hundred and twenty-nine thousand doses (429,000) of the “Moderna” vaccine, to support the vaccination campaign against Corona in Lebanon, at the President Rafic Hariri University Hospital, and in the presence of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Jalal Al-Natour and heads of departments and departments in the hospital.

After the meeting, Abyad said: “This donation constitutes support for the continuation of the momentum in which the vaccination campaign continues in Lebanon, where the number of doses given weekly is approximately one hundred and fifty thousand doses, after it reached about seventy thousand before that.”

Minister Abyad said, “We are currently witnessing a rise in infections with the Corona virus, and we are in a race to raise the rate of community immunity, and vaccination campaigns have succeeded in keeping the number of patients admitted to hospitals under control.”

In response to a question about the Moderna vaccine, the Minister of Health explained, “The specifications of this vaccine are the same as those of the Pfizer vaccine, and it has the advantage of providing an excellent protection rate against the ‘Omicron’ mutant.”

The Minister of Public Health, Firas Abyad, added that the ministry “allowed the combination of vaccines, as the recommendations related to Moderna are the same as those of Pfizer.”

And he declared, “The Ministry of Public Health has opened the door for registration for the age group between five and twelve years old, in anticipation of securing the vaccine for this age group and protecting it, especially in light of the return to school.”

In turn, the Danish ambassador expressed her happiness to secure more than four hundred thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine from Denmark for the Lebanese people. And she stressed, “The government of her country is happy to help Lebanon and its people in the battle against Corona, in light of the current difficult circumstances.”

The ambassador noted, “the distinguished efforts made by the White Minister, as well as the excellent cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Danish authorities.” “We are all together to face the pandemic and with our cooperation we can overcome it,” she said.

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