The Ministry of Health launches a digital campaign with health guidelines for the safety of pilgrims

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection launched a digital awareness campaign through its website and various social media platforms in conjunction with the departure of Hajj convoys under the slogan “Your safety is the priority.”

The digital campaign includes an awareness video to follow all health instructions and precautions to be taken before and during travel and to ensure receiving the necessary vaccinations, including “Covid-19” according to the protocols approved by health authorities.

In its digital awareness campaign, the ministry called on pilgrims to follow preventive health measures, such as avoiding heat exhaustion and physical stress while traveling, maintaining a healthy diet and hygiene, and wearing a mask, with the need to consult a doctor when symptoms appear.

The awareness video carries messages of reassurance to pilgrims that their health and safety are among the priorities of the Ministry, especially those with chronic diseases, the elderly and pregnant women, while providing all forms of support in cooperation with the relevant health and government authorities.

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