The Ministry of Public Health clarified the results of the research that multiple injections of “mRNA vaccines” increased the risk of contracting “COVID”.

On January 3, 2023, Dr. Rungruang Kitphati, Chief Advisor at the Ministry Level (Level 11 Qualified Physician) as the Chair of the MIU Board of Directors. Ministry of Public Health Mentioned in the case of a news report on scientific data indicating the acceptance of “mRNA vaccineoften increases the risk of contracting the diseaseCOVID-19 repeated that from the examination it was found that it was the research data of the infectious disease department Cleveland Clinic United States Which has not been evaluated by experts before being published in an academic journal. and has not been accepted for publication according to academic standards The issues found are presented only from available information. lack of analysis and summarize information

especially important epidemiological data risky behavior disease prevention behavior and history of infection with vaccination due toCOVID-19 vaccination It alone does not significantly control the spread of the virus or infection. It is important to combine good health behaviors to prevent disease, such as wearing masks in public or crowded places. large numbers, handwashing, and physical distancing, so the results of the study are highly unreliable.

“Importantly, such research data cannot be applied to Thailand. Because there are differences in the situation. Disease prevention and control measures Epidemiology and health behaviors of the population The United States does not focus on measures such as wearing a mask. like Thailand Including the medical treatment system, disease control, and the strains of the epidemic are different. Also those whoCOVID-19 vaccination More than 3 stimulating needles in the United States is a group of high-risk behaviors Therefore, there is a greater chance of re-infection than the group who did not receive the injection, ”said Dr. Rungrueang.

Dr. Rungruang further said that the results of the study were useful in terms of supporting further studies onCOVID-19 vaccination needle stimulation more comprehensively This is an important conclusion in the booster vaccination. Especially in risk groups who are elderly or have congenital disease, such as the appropriate number of stimulating needles. The distance between the injection of the stimulant needle that will produce the most benefit. As is the case with the influenza vaccine, the current recommended annual booster is recommended. especially in high-risk groups, the elderly, those with congenital disease pregnant women and children

In this regard, academic information is accepted around the world, namely COVID-19 Vaccine Impulse needles significantly reduce the chances of serious illness and death. Therefore invites people to get the COVID-19 vaccination, both normal and booster injections, at least 4 injections, if the last dose is more than 4 months, a booster injection is required. according to current academic recommendations in Thailand,” said Dr. Rungrueang.

Proofread…. Suree Silawong

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