The modernization of “honekry” has been delayed, Czech Railways is competing with suppliers again. The prototype is not running yet

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Czech Railways’ plans to deploy modernized Bdmtee cars in the Pardubice Region and other regions, nicknamed “honekry” for their origins in the former German Democratic Republic, were delayed for at least six months. Even last year, the prototype introduced for modernization still does not run.

Czech Railways has announced a competition for the modernization of 52 of these cars. This happened four months after the Czech Railways subsidiary DPOV canceled the modernization contract. Last year, Czech Railways decided to award the contract directly to DPOV, but due to the lack of capacity, it itself announced a tender for suppliers. Two companies, ŽOS Vrútky and Tratec-CS, applied for it. However, DPOV canceled the contract in January this year.

“The reason for the cancellation is the limited financial capacity of the contracting authority in relation to the tender prices submitted by the tenderers,“Stated DPOV in the written report of the contracting authority.

At that time, he estimated the price for the modernization of 47 pieces at 358 million crowns. Czech Railways is now in demand of the modernization of 52 pieces for 702 million crowns.

The winner of the tender will receive a contract for the modernization of 16 cars for the Pardubice Region and an option for the modernization of another 36 cars, which can be used, for example, in the Central Bohemian Region or elsewhere in the Czech Republic. During the modernization, the cars will get a completely new comfortable interior, information system and undergo a technical overhaul.

Czech Railways presented a modernized car last year at the Czech Raildays trade fair in Ostrava. Better cars promised the Pardubice Region a new ten-year contract, it is already clear that passengers will have to wait for a better ride. It is only this summer that the prototype will appear in operation. We are finding out the reaction of the Pardubice region.

“Bdmtee cars are now about two-thirds of their lifespan, so they can be used on passenger and express trains for another 10 to 15 years. Technically, they meet current requirements. They have disc brakes, sliding, locked doors while driving and can travel at speeds of up to 160 km / h, but their big drawback is the outdated interior. “ explains the reasons for the modernization Jiří Ješeta, Member of the Board of Directors of ČD and Deputy for Trade.

One of the main changes is the end of the miniature seats: the number of seats will therefore be reduced from the current 96 to 79, of which three seats will be foldable. The car will get brand new seats with a textile cover, mostly placed behind it like in an airplane. The remaining seats placed opposite each other will have larger spacings and there will always be a table between them. Of course there are 230 V electrical sockets and USB connectors for charging electronics, a new audiovisual information system with LCD monitors, Wi-Fi, a large-volume shelf for luggage or places for bicycles and prams.

Higher safety is ensured by centrally closed and locked doors while driving, supplemented by modern safety elements such as side-selective door locking. This will prevent passengers from boarding a side other than the platform. The entrance door will be completely renovated and newly supplemented with a push-button control. In the passenger areas, the “stop at sign” buttons will be added. All windows, except those near the front door, will be replaced by half-windows.

During the reconstruction of the cars, a modern toilet with a closed system will also be installed. New will be floors, wall and ceiling paneling or lighting solved by energy-saving LED lights. Depending on the version, the car will also have 4 (in the case of the service section) or 6 places for bicycles and a service section for accompanying the train. Power will be provided by a new type of central energy source (CZE). For other units not subject to modernization, a higher degree of repair will be performed.

The Bdtmee cars were manufactured by an East German wagon in Bautzen from 1989 to 1991. 30 years ago, it was a modern wagon for regional trains with a number of new construction elements that were not common in other passenger cars manufactured for ČD at the same time. These were, for example, central door closing and locking or GP 200 S chassis enabling travel at speeds of 160 km / h. Czech Railways currently still has more than 200 cars of this type in operation.


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