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[Special dialogue on “an entrepreneur’s different ability”]Mr. Naofumi Tsuchiya x Mr. Jo Hirao (3/3)

On March 9th“Techniques for finding, solving, and practicing problems that produce overwhelming results with the entrepreneur’s way of thinking” another solution “”PublishedJigen Co., Ltd.Mr. Takeshi Hirao, President and Representative Director. He is an up-and-coming entrepreneur who has achieved sales and profit growth for the 12th consecutive term since the company was founded, with the president at the age of 25, the listing on Mothers at the age of 30, and the listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange at the age of 35.
Mr. Hirao calls it “Mr. Dissolution” by Co., Ltd.Good patchMr. Naofumi Tsuchiya, Representative Director and CEO. Since its founding in 2011, he has worked on UX / UI design for numerous startups such as Gunosy and Money Forward. Overcoming the organizational collapse caused by rapid growth, it was listed on the TSE Mothers for the first time as a design company in 2020.
An era in which uncertainty is high and we cannot rely on precedents or straightforward methods. Among them, the two who have produced overwhelming results are “How entrepreneurs thinkI had you talk about.
In the third installment of the series, Mr. Tsuchiya, who states that his ability is not high, was told the secret behind the listing.
(Photo: Jigen Co., Ltd., Saki Tsuda, composition Takuma Hayashi)

“Good way” learned from books

Jo Hirao (henceforth, Hirao): The number of different solutions that Mr. Tsuchiya gives is amazing. The width is very wide and I think it is deep. Everything is well thought out, isn’t it? I thought it was the type that didn’t give that feeling.

Naofumi Tsuchiya (hereinafter referred to as Tsuchiya):is that so. I think it’s better to be licked.

-Do you intentionally create an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are licking?

Tsuchiya: How is it? However, I am based on the premise that I am not a good person in the first place. It’s not a famous company that I dropped out of college and worked after that. Recruit is down. I haven’t accumulated any careers.

Hirao: However, in the Venn diagram of another solution, the “excellent method” is also important, isn’t it? Where are you studying that element?

Tsuchiya:I think you’ve learned the “good way” from books. I think he’s a reader. Especially when I was in my twenties, I feel like I’m reading a lot.

I like entrepreneurs, so I read the biographies of Masayoshi Son and Mikitani, as well as “Disqualification of the President” and “Management of V-shaped Recovery”.

Rather than studying, I feel like I’m inputting because I like it.

The more people think that their ability is not high, the more they can determine what to do.Naofumi Tsuchiya (Tsuchiya Naofumi)
Good patch Representative Director and CEO
Born in 1983. After moving to San Francisco to support overseas expansion, he established Goodpatch Co., Ltd. in September 2011 and became president / CEO. He designs a number of corporate services, from startups to major companies, with a focus on UI / UX design. He also launches many services such as “ReDesigner”, a career support service for designers, and “Strap”, a cloud-based workspace tool. In June 2020, it was listed on the TSE Mothers market.

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