The most elite and luxurious neighborhoods in the world

The sweetest life is that of the rich: marble floors, gold baths and chandeliers, lots of chandeliers. Living at full speed sounds great, especially in quarantine, but… what is it really like?

We may all think of expensive cities like Los Angeles or London, but mansions are not exclusive to these places. In fact, we can find millionaire neighborhoods in places as disparate as Sardinia (Italy) or Abuja (Nigeria).

Almost every country on the planet has at least one neighborhood that is distinguished by its concentration of money, where the wealthiest reside and where embassies and luxury shops are also grouped.

That said, it’s time for us to take a tour of the most elite neighborhoods. From the Garden City of Egypt to the Palm Jumeirah of Dubai, click to discover the most expensive and luxurious areas on the planet!

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