The most fashionable cars in the last decade

Little by little, technological advances have taken over our cars. Modern driving assistants are now indispensable, when just over ten years ago the most we could hope for in safety were the ABS and the standard airbags.

But fashion has also advanced, and much, in just ten years. About to enter the year 2020, if we look back we will see how from the Cirtro├źn C5 that won the prize for the Best Car of the Year 2009 until today the Spaniards have exchanged the saloons of five peurtas and minivans for the utility SUVs that are now being winning the automotive market, not to mention that diesel, which was the predominant fuel ten years ago, is now demonized.

Then we review the last ten years and some of their most representative cars in Spain and Europe. .

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