the most “kawaii” of all Rolexes

Here is certainly a Rolex that will cause a lot of ink to flow. Simply unheard of from the brand with the crown. In the corridors of the living room, we love it or we hate it, but what is certain is that this watch leaves no one indifferent!

Already in 2020, Rolex took everyone by surprise by presenting an Oyster Perpetual collection with brightly colored dials (turquoise, yellow, coral, pink or green). Huge success while some professionals were secretly making fun of the “incongruity”, according to them, of this collection. Error. Commercial card.

The success was such that on the one hand Rolex stopped most of these references (go figure) and on the other hand, all the major luxury brands in the watchmaking sector were to do the same, offering within their respective catalogs time with colored dials (notably the turquoise or light blue that we have seen popping up everywhere!).

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