The most prominent Iranian director was found murdered in his home

2023-10-15 12:53:40

Iranian authorities said on Sunday that they found the famous director Dariush Mehrjoi and his wife murdered in their home near the capital, Tehran.

An official in the Iranian judicial authorities stated that the preliminary investigation showed that director Dariush Mehrjoi and his wife, Wahida Mohammadifar, were killed as a result of multiple stab wounds and wounds to their necks.

The official explained that the director sent a message to his daughter, Mona, around nine o’clock in the evening, inviting her to have dinner at their home in Karaj, a large city about 40 kilometers from the capital.

When she arrived an hour and a half later, she found the bodies of her parents with fatal wounds to the neck.

Culture Minister Mohamed Mehdi Ismaili said in a statement that he requested “clarification about the circumstances of this sad and painful incident,” according to “Agence France-Presse.”

The Iranian authorities did not provide speculation about the motives behind the crime.

However, at the same time, Etemad newspaper published, on Sunday, an interview with the director’s wife, which was conducted previously, in which she said that she had recently been threatened by someone and that her house had been robbed.

He stated that the threat was with a knife and was made during the past weeks on social media, without going into details.

Mehrjoi, 83 years old, is considered one of the most prominent Iranian filmmakers, as his name shone as a director, producer, and screenwriter during six decades in which he faced censorship, before and after the revolution in 1979.

In 1969, he directed “The Cow”, one of the first films of the new wave of cinema in his country, which won the Jury Prize at the 1971 Venice Film Festival.

His wife, Wahida Mohammadifar, 54 years old, also worked in the field of screenwriting and scenography.

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