The most tragic Husky in the history of the British army: punitive!

The most tragic Husky in the history of the British army: punitive!

[Now Sports]England swallowed Hungary 4 eggs at home, recording the team’s worst home defeat in the history of the team. Team leader Schufki described the experience as “punitive” and was willing to take responsibility. After England’s 4-0 loss to Hungary in the UEFA Nations League on Tuesday, coach Sciufki said: “We play with a young team full of energy, and when it starts badly, it gets worse. Looking at the four games, that’s mine. Responsibility. Both games against Hungary were not good enough, the remaining two were positive, but the night was a punishing experience.”

The British team scored two points in Group A3 4, which is the worst in history. This is the first time the team has lost 4 goals without scoring at home. It is also the biggest defeat at home since 1928, that is, 94 years. That year at Wembley lost 1:5 to Scotland. As for the last time the Three Lions lost 4+, it also goes back to the 1:5 loss to Brazil in a friendly away match in 1964.

As for the striker Hallijani, he believes that there is no need to panic: “We have been excellent in two consecutive competitions before, and now is not the time to panic. Losing waves is disappointing, but we need to remain calm.”

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