The moving journey of a grandson crossing 3000 km on foot for his grandmother

2024-01-03 16:04:43

Don’t they say that love gives wings? Romeo lives in Sicily and the idea of ​​his grandmother, aged 77, being locked up alone in her home in London was unbearable for him. Due to health restrictions, travel was very complicated at that time. Never mind, despite the long distance that separated them, the young boy had the crazy plan of traveling thousands of kilometers to hold his grandmother in his arms. He therefore insisted to his dad that he take part in this adventure and accompany him to England. The British newspaper Mirror told us about this crazy escapade in 2020.

He was sad to know his grandmother all alone at home…

In the midst of the pandemic, while he was in Palermo, Sicily, Romeo Cox could not help but think of his grandmother, confined all alone at her home in London. One day in June 2020, he called her to inform her that he had made the firm decision to go join her to spend the holidays with her. At that moment, although she was very touched, Rosemary, her grandmother, did not really take her words seriously. For her, only the intention mattered. So, in truth, the young boy was determined to see his project through to the end. It had already been over a year since Romeo had seen his beloved grandmother and he couldn’t wait any longer. It was now or never!

So, all alone in his corner, Romeo develops a well-crafted plan to visit his grandmother. He then decided to do things the old-fashioned way and make his way to London. Only 11 years old, he nonetheless remained brilliant and quick-witted. He himself drew a map with the route of his journey to England. He clearly specified the places where he would march and the boats to take where necessary. Finally, believing that he was far too young to experience such an adventure alone, Romeo told his father of his project. Moved by his son’s initiative and amazed by his card, Phil Cox, war journalist, thought carefully before agreeing to accompany his courageous man on this great journey. But, faced with Romeo’s determination and his endless arguments, he didn’t really have the heart to refuse!

A very long journey ahead

And here they are off for a wonderful adventure! The courageous Romeo crossed Italy, Switzerland and France before arriving safely. However, as you can imagine, this trip was not a breeze! The duo had to face multiple obstacles on the road: adventures and misadventures were bound to be part of it. In addition to braving miles on foot, taking naps in the wilderness and having strong nerves, they had to fend off threatening wild dogs, face difficult weather conditions, overcome physical fatigue…and much more to arrive to Rosemary.

The trip was punctuated by a mix of daring hikes, cycling and walking. Sometimes, when they could not afford to stay in inns, the two adventurers found comfort under trees in the open air. However, they were also lucky enough to be accommodated in homes or families who offered them a place to sleep. But, apart from all these twists and turns, this trip was a fascinating epic for the young schoolboy. During his interview with the Mirror newspaper, Romeo said he had a unique and memorable experience. He was very happy and grateful to have been able to travel the world in this way. He also said that he and his dad had received support from many people, including refugees. Phil and his son told a funny little anecdote. They came face to face with a very stubborn donkey that they had to drag slowly. “ On the third and fourth day the donkey was dragged…we even spent eight hours straight every day trying to pull him, because we didn’t want to hurt him », says Romeo.

A chaotic journey before the moving reunion!

Unfortunately, after this long journey, once they arrived at their destination, Romeo and Phil had to be patient. They did not yet have the opportunity to kiss Rosemary as they dreamed of when they arrived in London. Yes, due to the health crisis, they were forced to stay in quarantine for another two weeks before going to meet him. And finally, the big day arrived: approaching his grandmother’s house, the adorable Romeo was very excited and so impatient to finally hold his grandmother in his arms. He happily ran up to her. Rosemary, smiling and so happy at his arrival, could not hide her emotion or her pride at having such a loving and courageous grandson.

The little boy and his grandmother – Source: spm

A fantastic epic full of unforgettable encounters

With stars still in his eyes, Romeo told his grandmother about his entire journey. He insisted that he had experienced multiple intense and moving moments during his trip. Moreover, he is full of gratitude to have been able to meet wonderful people. He even made several friends. One of his greatest discoveries was that of refugees. He befriended a man named Randolph, a refugee from Ghana who did his best to help the traveling team. Despite his young age, Romeo wanted to return the favor: he even thought of a way to repay the trust and kindness he had received from Randolph and the refugee camp.

Roméo Cox and his grandmother – Source: spm

Roméo Cox and his grandmother – Source: spm

Roméo Cox and his family – Source: spm

It must also be said that his adventure did not go unnoticed. Several social media platforms praised her impressive courage, her dedication to her grandmother and her kindness of heart. A hell of a little guy, that one!

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