The MP in Zulia requested an arrest warrant against 6 Faes officials

They are being investigated for cruel treatment, unlawful deprivation of liberty, violation of residence and abuse of authority. National prosecutor investigates a report of kidnapping in the South of the Lake.


04:47 PM / 17/11/2020

The Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, in relation to the investigation that opened his office after the complaint against the Faes in the state of Zulia, reported that the Prosecutor’s Office requested an arrest warrant against six officers of the police force, attached to GNP.

The petition, disclosed in tweets, is due to the alleged involvement of those six police officers in the crimes of “CRUEL TREATMENT, ILLEGITIMATE DEPRIVATION OF FREEDOM, VIOLATION OF DOMICILE and ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, these being agreed by the Third Court of Control Extension Santa Bárbara Zulia, committed to the detriment of AMERICO LEDEZMA citizens and others “.

Saab, on the afternoon of Tuesday 17-N, identified the officials, through his Twitter account, as Jesús González, Félix Morales, Manuel Mayz, José Rico, José Guzmán and Omar García.

On the night of Monday 16-N, in an interview with VTV, the head of the MP said that he received two complaints against the Faes that same day; one was about an alleged kidnapping to the detriment of an agricultural producer in Zulia (South of Lake Maracaibo).

“I really don’t understand what is happening with the Faes,” he said. In relation to the complaint made on video about the kidnapping, he said: “They began to dig a grave (…) what was the purpose … to bury the agricultural producer there?”

He indicated that he had appointed a national prosecutor for the investigation.

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