The mystery of the tunnel that aligned with the sun to congratulate a birthday

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A retired engineer believes he has solved the great mystery, which has lasted almost two centuries, regarding the tunnel built by his prestigious colleague Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1841 and known as the Box Tunnel.

The Box Tunnel stretches 3.2 kilometers between Bath and Chippenham, and, during this time since it was erected, historians have believed it probable, though always a mystery, that Brunel designed the tunnel so that the sun would shine through he on his birthday, April 9.

The first documentary record of this alignment was first made in a local newspaper a year after the project opened. And it happened from time to time in the following years erecting the Brunel legend as a genius of engineering and with a great sense of humor.

And now we come to April 2017, as reported by “The Guardian”, when rail traffic was closed on that line due to engineering work, which allowed a rare opportunity to see if the sun really shines along the tunnel on 9 of April. But disappointment triumphed, since it could not be concluded that the sun was fully shining.

And this is when Peter Maggs, the retired engineer, arrives, and he has been working on this mystery for more than 30 years. Maggs was not surprised by this inconclusive result. In fact, he was considering another more probable date for the phenomenon, which would be April 6 or 7. And so he again examined Brunel’s family tree and concluded that, in fact, the great railway builder could have designed the tunnel so that the phenomenon would not occur on his birthday but on that of his sister, specifically on April 6.

But could it just be a coincidence? “As for whether he really intended it, I think he’s 50%,” Maggs told “The Guardian.” But the fact is, he had a great sense of fun. It is possible, ”he continues, although he also states that it will be difficult to know the whole truth unless an unknown letter or document is discovered stating it. .


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