The national song.. the celebration of the Union Day

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

For more than 5 decades, the UAE has been distinguished by a rich history of patriotic songs that played a major role in strengthening national identity and instilling a spirit of loyalty and belonging, in creative cooperation with its heroes: the writer, composer and singer, who contributed to creating works of art that reflect the joy of a homeland and a proud people. By uniting and proud of its leaders, so that the national song can keep pace with a scene and a human and emotional situation, and it will remain a permanent title for the celebrations of the anniversary of the Union Day.

In the sixties and seventies of the last century, the Emirati national song began to be present strongly in the singing scene, through the creations of the late artist Jaber Jassim, who presented many songs engraved in memory, which contributed to instilling the spirit of loyalty and belonging, including “For the Emirates I sing” and “The name of the Emirates, O My country” and “Oh my country, my ancestral home.”

God, House of Zayed
The national song continued to evolve, especially after the emergence of a group of artists who were keen on the continuity of this type of song, and succeeded in bringing about an artistic revolution that contributed to the transmission of Emirati music, loaded with messages of values, heritage and traditions. At the head of them was the artist Mehd Hamad, who was famous for his masterpiece “God, O House of Zayed”, which he used to sing annually on national occasions with the voices of Emirati singers, after which he presented a group of distinguished patriotic songs, including: “The Joy of a Homeland”, “Symbols of Glory”, and “The Most Beautiful Country”. “,” Al-Watan and “Dari Alamha”, whose words expressed the pride and pride felt by every Emirati.

A rich history
The Emirati national song created a long history, and represented an artistic color that enriched the singing scene. This history is due to the permanent presence of all UAE artists in national events that emphasize the role of art in consolidating the meanings of loyalty and belonging. For many years, the poet Ali Al-Khawar has been keen annually to attend national occasions and the Day of the Union, by performing operettas, albums and patriotic songs with the majority of UAE artists, including: Mehd Hamad, Hussein Al Jasmi, Ahlam, Aida Al-Minhali, Hazza Al-Raisi and Belqis, and among them: “In the heart your love is entrenched, my country.” Lamehd Hamad, who sang and composed it in 1989, “Love of Hearts” and “All Fakhr Emarati” by Hussain Al Jasmi, and “Alam Al Shamoukh” by Aida Al Menhali, along with other songs such as “Raise it high to keep it tall”, “The House is united”, “This is our flag.” “,” The Most Expensive Knowledge, and “Raf Ya Alam” performed by Fayez Al-Saeed, Faisal Al-Jassem, Belqis, Walid Al-Jassem and Ali Ismail.

Loyalty renewal
The poet Ali Al-Khawar emphasized that the implementation of patriotic songs is tantamount to renewing belonging to the dear homeland and loyalty to the wise leadership, and embodying a bright Emirati image in which flags flutter over all homes, emphasizing love and serving the country and giving the soul for it so that its flag remains tall and fluttering strong like the pride and strength of the people of the Emirates, pointing to The national poem matures and develops with time and with the maturity of the poet and his acquisition of greater experiences and vocabulary during his career.

Emirati and proud
The artist and composer, Fayez Al-Saeed, released many patriotic songs, including “The Flag is a Charter”, “Emirati, I Redeemed Your Name” and “Nafdaj Ya Dar”. Artists, directed by Nahla Al-Fahd. He stressed that the national song is present in the Emirati singing scene strongly, thanks to the song makers who volunteer their creativity in serving the country, and in the implementation of patriotic poems that embody feelings of union, community solidarity and national cohesion among the people of the Emirates, and to enhance the sense of belonging and renew loyalty to the homeland and its wise leadership, and adherence to the values ​​​​of the Union.
Al-Saeed pointed out that he loves national works of art, and tries as much as possible to participate in official forums and national events, out of loyalty and belonging to his beloved country, which whatever he presents to it will not fulfill its right. He said: «During my artistic career, which extends for about 28 years, I volunteered my voice and melodies in the service of the country and society, by carrying out humanitarian, community, sports and patriotic lyric works, especially since art is not an entertainment means, it must include meaningful messages, concerned with the country and society, so every artwork I present To my country, I consider it part of my duty towards it. And my musical and vocal abilities should benefit my country, as I am always ready to do everything I can for the sake of the Emirates and the wise leadership that made us among the happiest peoples in the world.

citizenship spirit
The poet Hassan Al-Obaidly, who oversaw the writing of hundreds of patriotic poems, including “Alam Dari Al-Shamekh”, “Nawasina” and “We are all your soldiers, O homeland”, considered that patriotic songs have a rich history, as during more than 50 years they have been in continuous development, as they are played An important role in expressing the spirit of citizenship and loyalty. He said, “I am proud to share the joy of the people of the Emirates with patriotic works and poems, which I write from the heart and conscience, and feel them as a person who is proud of his patriotism and his great affiliation with the Emirates and the wise leadership.”

Emirates of love
The artist, Hussein Al Jasmi, seeks to be present in most national occasions, as he continuously presents patriotic works, participates in lyrical operettas, and performs national concerts on the anniversary of the Union Day, which are very popular. Among the songs he presented, which achieved wide popularity, were “Hayy Bel-Shahama”, “Emirates of Love”, “Except Dar Zayed” and “People of Determination”.

Homeland of tolerance
During her artistic career, Ahlam presented many patriotic songs whose lyrics carried meanings of loyalty to the Emirates. And she always celebrates the implementation of artistic works on national occasions to highlight the achievements of the UAE in various fields, and also expresses her pride in being Emirati, through several songs such as: “My State of the Emirates”, “My Mother of the Emirates”, “Dar Zayed”, “Our Home is One”. And “The Homeland of Happiness… The Homeland of Tolerance.”

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