The Naval Hydrology Service warned of a flood in the Río de la Plata

From the Flood Prevention Center of the Naval Hydrography Service (SHN) they issued a alert for the “floods” of the Río de la Plata which will begin during the night of Sunday and will extend until the morning of Monday. The episode will affect some areas of the city of Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbs.

The SHN, dependent on the Ministry of Defense, indicated that floods of up to 2.20 meters are estimated in the Port of La Plata and in San Fernando. In addition, a rise of 2.10 meters is expected in Dock F of the Port of Buenos Aires, where the Puerto Madero neighborhood is located.

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“The Flood Prevention Center of the Naval Hydrography Service of the Ministry of Defense reports that the inland Río de la Plata will be eighty centimeters above the values ​​indicated in the tide tables tonight (Sunday March 26) “, indicates the alert of the official body. The forecast floods are expected to would oscillate between 9:00 p.m. and midnight.

In the case of the Port of La Plata, it is expected to reach the state of low tide around 5 in the morning, reaching a height of 1.10 meters. Meanwhile, Dock F of the Port of Buenos Aires would reach this state at 7 in the morning with a height of 0.90 meters; while in San Fernando it would reach low tide at 8:00 a.m. with a height of one meter.

The institution also reported that, if there were no changes in the current hydrometeorological situations, the alert notice will remain in effect.


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