The new work of the “King Power Reigns” team “Card Shark” is about to be released to start the medieval European adventure gambling “Card Shark”

Game publisher Devolver Digital announced that it will be developed by the popular game series King Power (Reigns)” team Nerial helms the new work, the medieval European gambling game “ace card god(Card Shark)” will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 2.

exist”ace card god, full of treacherousness, trickery, and brilliant deception. Welcome to a world where playing against opponents is better than playing cards. You will be adventurous and explore all the way, proficient in marked cards, fake shuffling, secretly changing cards, wigs and other deceptive methods, using these illegal gains, bribe the door, and aim at the king’s card table!

Be careful, don’t get caught, no matter what age, gamblers are not polite to Lao Qian. Explore by the Nerial team, participating in “Picnic Adventure(Pikuniku)” game producer Arnaud De Bock designed, full of eighteenth-century French towns, remote mansions, and luxurious living room scenes. Players will enjoy gorgeous visual art designed by Nicolai Troshinsky, and an original score by Andrea Boccadoro paired with orchestral performances.

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