The newest VAZ-2109 “Nine” 2024 for only 800 thousand rubles was first shown in the photo

2023-10-02 01:42:47

AvtoVAZ has been making unusual decisions lately. In particular, the company is already collaborating with Chinese manufacturers and is working on new agreements. At the same time, the Volga Automobile Plant is developing the Iskra project, after which the company will abandon cheap cars. True, the latter will happen closer to 2027. At the same time, it is possible that cooperation with Chinese manufacturers will not lead to the appearance of inexpensive cars on the Russian market.

It may turn out to be the VAZ-2109 “Nine” 2024, the renderings of which were created by an independent designer. This model is a slightly redesigned Wuling Mini EV, one of the most popular electric cars in its class. This car has already tried to gain a foothold in the Russian market, but has not yet succeeded. Perhaps the transfer to the VAZ brand will help increase sales of the Chinese model.

Technically, the new “Nine” will definitely be copied from the Chinese prototype. It will receive a front-mounted 41-horsepower electric motor, which is combined with a small 26.5 kWh battery. Such a battery provides a power reserve of approximately 300 kilometers. The car itself is compact in size. Therefore, the new “Nine” will be designed primarily for residents of large cities (like a kind of modern analogue of “Oka”).

The high probability of a similar model appearing at AvtoVAZ is due not only to the need to preserve budget cars, but also to the fact that the Volga Automobile Plant, given current trends in the market, will still have to produce full-fledged electric cars. Cooperation with Wuling will greatly simplify the task.

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The Chinese prototype in its homeland costs about 400 thousand rubles (at the exchange rate), and the VAZ-2109 “Nine” 2024 will be priced at about 800-900 thousand rubles. Author: Fedor Averyev

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