The next season of Apex Legends, Dissidence, will give pride of place to Mad Maggie

She has a grudge against the world

Introduced in the Titanfall universe at the same time as his old friend Fuse, the legend of the 8th season, Mad Maggie has all the traits of a slightly psychotic freedom fighter, stopping at nothing to help his homeland under the yoke of the Free Worlds Syndicate: Except.

Although his actions are covered good intentions, his expeditious methods caused many deaths. About to be executed for her crimes, Mad Maggie’s fate will finally be decided in Apex Games…that she had tried to sabotage disfiguring Kings Canyon, a few seasons earlier.

We will have to wait a few more days before having more details on the content of Apex Legends Season 12, including Mad Maggie skills, but some media like PCGamesN is already reporting that Dissidence will bring a new temporary game mode : Control, close to a domination mode where two teams of 9 players will clash. Like Arena mode, here is a new opportunity for Apex to offer something other than of Battle Royale.

Without going into details, EA tease than Olympus will be the retouched map for the needs of the season, while some legends, whose roster is still growing, could be available to all players.

Apex Legends season 12, Dissidence, should be deployed February 8.

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