The next Tanaka? Yankees go with everything for this Japanese pitcher

The Bronx Mules will do everything possible to bring the MLB this young pitcher japanese called Tomoyuki Sugano.

It is not a secret that some teams in the MLB once in a while they throw their eyes to the Japanese League to see which pitcher or batter is excelling and who is level to play in Big leagues.

This time, it’s about Tomoyuki Sugano who is wreaking havoc on the Japanese League and has activated all alarms on New York Yankees of the MLB.

Sugano is one of the two best pitchers in the Japanese League apart from Kodai Senga. From the 2014 season to 2018, Sugano has recorded a 1.99 ERA in 910 innings, with a WIP of 1,000.

Here the report:

However, it is not 100% certain that Yankees They sign this pitcher, since last season did not go as usual in the Japanese League, he left the 3.89 ERA, the highest in his career.

People say that Tomoyuki Sugano He was a slave to various pains throughout the season, and that did not let him develop as he knows how to do it on the mound.

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